Research Reports

Banking Services in Fiji: From Consumers’ Perspective (Main Report)

This study reviews banking services in Fiji from the perspective of consumers
of banking services.  The Consumer Council of Fiji decided in early 2010 to
commission an independent study of consumer protection aspects of banking
services in Fiji and this Report is the result of that study.
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Banking Services in Fiji: From Consumers’ Perspective (Executive Summary)

In early 2010 the Consumer Council of Fiji commissioned a study on Banking
Services in Fiji: From Consumers’ Perspective with the help of the Fiji Institute
of Applied Studies (FIAS).This publication is a simplified version of the original
and more in-depth report. The purpose of this booklet is to educate, inform and
create awareness for consumers and the general public on the banking industry
and the problems of unfair practices and high fees and charges.
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Prices and Practices: Pharmaceutical Survey 2010

The Council carried out a comprehensive survey with the help and approval of the
Ministry of Health and a technical expert. The objective of the survey was to investigate
prices of prescription medicines, pharmacy practices in dispensing drugs and anti-
competitive behaviour (if any) in the pharmaceutical sector. However, it was equally
important for the Council  to establish whether the current Price Control on medicines
under the Commerce Commission is actually benefitting the consumers.
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The Small Claims Tribunal: An Effectiveness Study

This research examines the effectiveness of the Small Claims Tribunal (hereafter also
referred to as the SCT). It focuses on the Tribunal’s role as the primary judicial consumer
redress mechanism in Fiji. It also examines the level of access to justice for Fijian consumers
within the civil justice system. The Review assesses whether the Tribunal is serving the
interests  of consumers and providing substantial justice to them, and whether it provides
a platform for the Consumer Council’s future lobbying for reform in the area of consume redress.
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The Insurance Industry in Fiji

This report carries the results of a study on the insurance industry in Fiji, focusing
particularly on consumer protection and examines the current legislations that govern
the operations of industry policies in Fiji and the current policies, terms and conditions
of each package provided by various insurance companies in life, health, travel, third
party, vehicle, home content and housing insurance. It also looks at whether these
policies are in line with the Consumer Protection Laws of Fiji and what problems are
faced by the consumers of insurance products, including consumers for overseas
medical evacuation, pharmaceuticals, and different medical tests.
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Review Report on Existing Consumer Protection Laws of Fiji: The Way Forward

The Consumer Council of Fiji (CCF) has reviewed the existing 10 pieces of consumer
protection legislation and proposed a comprehensive single national Consumer Protection
Legislation for Fiji. This Report will outline this single national CP Legilsation which recognizes certain consumer rights/responsibilities and provide simple, speedy and inexpensive redressal machinery to settle consumer complaints.
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The Hire Purchase Industry in Fiji

This report examines the size of the hire purchase market in Fiji and issues relating
to the conduct of the HP business. The report relied on primary datas collected from a    
nationwide survey on hire purchase, and that collected from HP outlets.
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Review of Consumer Credit Act and Regulations: From Consumers' Perspective

The imbalance in power between the credit provider and the consumer that the current
legislation in Fiji attempted to correct has apparently become worse. By evaluating these  
pieces of legislation from consumers' perspective, this study has identified numerous
problem areas and made recommendations to correct this imbalance.
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