Debt Management and Advisory Services 

The Consumer Council provides free debt management and consumer credit advisory services in Suva

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Mechanical Services

A consumer had been promised by a garage mechanic that his vehicle would be repaired within a month.

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Counterfeit Mobile Phones

 Counterfeit phones can have differing features to genuine models. 

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National Consumer Helpline (NCH)

Disappointed? Don't Know What To Do, Where To Go? Who To Call? Call out National Consumer Helpline on 155

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The Consumer Council of Fiji’sDebt Management and Consumer  Credit Advisory Service is   pleased to present  some Success Stories. Read More  

Read Before You Sign   

Are you surprised, frustrated or confused? Do you know exactly 
what you are paying for? Have you thoroughly read your Credit
Contract? Do you know your fianancial obligations? If NO, click here

Facts About Justice of Peace

As Justice of Peace interact with the community and people for mainly social work, they are entrusted to continue assisting and serving the needs of the poor and disadvantaged.  (click here to DOWNLOAD)

Dealing with Bailiffs

If you owe someone money, a bailiff may be asked to recover the debt. You need to know how to deal with Bailiffs if they contact or visit you, and what your rights and obligations are.This brochure is designed to tell you how to deal with Bailiffs. (click here to DOWNLOAD)

Consumer Council of Fiji – What you should know about us?

This brochure is a guide to Consumer Council of Fiji on what you should know about us, our vision, mission, principles, functions and services. It also will tell you about your rights and responsibilities as a consumer. (click here to DOWNLOAD)

Knowing Your Consumer Protection Agencies – Who can help you?

There are a number of consumer protection agencies established to assist you with your consumer needs. This brochure is designed to help you understand the roles and legislative (legal) powers of the consumer protection agencies in Fiji. Case studies are also demonstrated to guide you to the agency best suited to deal with your problems.
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Understanding Social Responsibility from A Consumer Perspective

Social responsibility refers to the continuing commitment by an organization to become responsible for the impacts of its decisions and activities through transparent and ethical behavior. It takes into consideration labor practices, human rights, environment and consumer protection.This brochure will help you to understand social responsibility from a consumer perspective.(click here to DOWALOAD)

Money lending in Fiji – Lenders and Borrowers Information

Moneylenders can be a convenient and flexible source of loan, as they often offer small loans over short periods of time. In Fiji the
Money lending Act (MLA) 1978, which is administered by the Ministryof Justice, recognizes money lending as a legitimate business.This brochure is helpful in guiding moneylenders and borrowers to know their rights and responsibilities as contained in the Act. (click here to DOWALOAD)


The Consumer Council of Fiji under the AUSAID project titled "Consumer
Financial Protection & Building Credit Competency for Vulnerable Consumers" is

now offering Debt Management & Consumer Credit Advisory Services to                  
assist consumers who are in debt by giving advice on their current financial 
problems, help them reorganize their finances and many more. For more 
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The Consumer Council of Fiji in a joint effort and support of the European Union successfully launched the Community Consumer Advisory Group (CCAG) in June 2014.

CCAG is made up of volunteers willing to actively take part in helping ordinary consumers in their communities by telling them about their rights and how they can be protected from unfair trading.This group will be involved in showing consumers what powers they have to protect their rights and by acting as the "eyes" and "ears" of the Council.

CCAG will be the primary contact group for consumers who need immediate assistance with their problems or with advice on consumer issues.

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The Consumer Council of Fiji’s Debt Management and Consumer Credit Advisory Service is pleased to present some Success Stories

Most of us borrow money to work towards improving our quality of life but how many of us can keep to the repayments? Debt has led many to the brink of destruction, to such an extent that some lose just about everything they own, including their
dignity. The lives of those trapped in unmanageable debt are a swamp of stress and emotional pain.

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The Fiji Mediation Centre - Role and Benefits 

The Centre in involved in facilitating mediation through which members of public can resolve their disputes amicably. 

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The Fiji Mediation Centre - Role and Benefits (i-Taukei)

The Centre in involved in facilitating mediation through which members of public can resolve their disputes amicably. 

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The Fiji Mediation Centre - Role and Benefits (Hindi)

The Centre in involved in facilitating mediation through which members of public can resolve their disputes amicably. 

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