Press Releases 2021

23/04/2021 15:50:33 Businesses Hike Price of PPEs

Certain businesses are using the current wave of COVID 19 cases in Fiji to profiteer by senselessly and arbitrarily increasing the prices of life saving Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).

23/04/2021 09:55:43 Avoid the bait this phishing season

Smartphone users need to be aware of Viber calls and messages, allegedly from Vodafone Fiji, claiming that the user has won a lottery. This comes after the Council received a complaint from a concerned consumer informing that they have been receiving calls and messages on Viber claiming to have won $50,000 cash from Vodafone Fiji.

21/04/2021 12:06:11 Council Calls on Consumers and Businesses to Join the Fight Against COVID

Consumers must comply with COVID 19 safety protocols when out and about shopping by downloading and activating the CareFiji app, wearing facemasks and practicing other safety measures which has been mandated by relevant authorities and being implemented by traders and service providers

19/04/2021 09:04:46 Consumer Denied Hire Purchase Insurance

Certain terms and conditions of extended insurance on hire purchase by businesses has been labelled as unfair, prejudicial and a breach of consumer rights by the Consumer Council of Fiji.

19/04/2021 08:55:39 Stop Flouting Consumer Protection Laws, businesses warned

“Certain businesses are completing disregarding consumer protection laws which has been implemented in order to protect and ensure that Fijians are able to provide for their families, especially during challenging times such as the current unprecedent global crises” – This has been stressed by the Consumer Council of Fiji (CCoF) Chief Executive Ms Seema Shandil after the Council unearthed cases of traders retailing basic food items such as potatoes and onions at erroneous prices and without following the legally mandated pricing formula provided by the relevant enforcement body.

01/04/2021 10:17:00 Respect Your Tenants’ Rights; Landlords Warned

The Consumer Council of Fiji is baffled with the continued increase in landlord tenancy complaints with a record number of 2250 complaints worth over $500,000 recorded in the past 6 years.

01/04/2021 10:13:05 Consumer Council and Sai Prema Foundation Commit to Promoting Healthy Living

The Consumer Council of Fiji (CCoF) and the Sai Prema Foundation Fiji signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) earlier today which now enables the two organisations to collaboratively create awareness and educate Fijians on their health and wellness.

25/03/2021 15:37:19 Members of Community Gifting Circle Demands Refund

The Consumer Council of Fiji has received reports of Fijians allegedly losing their money in a pyramid scheme known as community gifting circle in the Western Division.

24/03/2021 12:49:52 Pyramid Schemes are Illegal

Pyramid Schemes are illegal and anyone organising or participating in such schemes will be charged under; Section 87 A of the FCCC Act. This has been iterated by the Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport Hon. Faiyaz Koya after reports of Fijians participating in ‘get rich quick’ schemes have surfaced in the past few days.

19/03/2021 15:45:29 Pyramid Schemes are fraud

Any and all pyramid schemes inevitably collapses – and when they do, it will cause havoc on peoples finances as well as personal relationships. This has been echoed by the Consumer Council of Fiji after receiving reports and tip-offs from concerned Fijians on the increasing number of people participating in pyramid gifting schemes – something which is illegal in Fiji and most countries worldwide.

03/03/2021 14:40:23 Complaints against ABS accumulator dealers on the rife!

The Consumer Council of Fiji is imploring consumers to exercise due diligence when purchasing Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) accumulators, particularly from social media platforms or online traders.

02/03/2021 14:48:24 North Hardware Traders, Double the Trouble

The Consumer Council of Fiji is issuing a stern warning to hardware traders who are accepting payments from consumers for the supply of hardware materials, but are failing to adhere to the agreed timeline to deliver the items.

01/03/2021 16:47:44 Bus Company Extorts Consumers Hard-Earned Money

A bus company in Taveuni has drawn the ire of 300 consumers after levying charges on passenger luggage on daily commutes.

23/02/2021 08:12:28 Consumer Council and LTA Commit to better protect Fijian Consumers

The Consumer Council of Fiji (CCOF) and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) earlier today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which now enables the two organisations to share information, provide relevant trainings and collaboratively investigate and solve consumer complaints in respect of Public Service land transport and Motor Dealers.

18/02/2021 16:48:06 Businesses Found in Breach of Pesticides Act

The Consumer Council of Fiji and the Ministry of Agriculture have issued a stern warning to businesses and individuals that no pesticides may be used, offered for sale or sold in Fiji unless it has been registered with the Registrar of Pesticides.

12/02/2021 15:23:01 Online Businesses Should Not Hide Behind ‘Technical Glitch’ Excuse

Online businesses must sell products at advertised prices as they are also subjected to the relevant consumer protection laws applicable to other mediums of sale. This has been stressed by the Consumer Council of Fiji after receiving complaints of misleading and deceptive tactics being employed by local online businesses.

11/02/2021 10:49:23 Council Warns Consumers of Taxi Permit Scammers

The Consumer Council of Fiji is issuing an alert to all Fijian consumers to be wary of individuals who are claiming to sell taxi permits and demanding upfront payments – only to disappear with the consumers hard-earned money.

05/02/2021 08:57:09 LTA and CCoF partners to address consumers issues

The Land Transport Authority of Fiji (LTA) and Consumer Council of Fiji (CCOF) will now work together to assist Fijians who have grievances against the bus industry.

28/01/2021 11:44:52 Debt Management and Credit Advisory Services now available online

The Consumer Council of Fiji mobile app which was launched in August last year has been further enhanced to provide a platform for consumers to lodge financial related complaints and obtain debt management advisory services with just a few swipes on their phones.

21/01/2021 16:06:44 Exercise Duty of Care- Bus Operators Told!

The Consumer Council of Fiji has expressed its utter disappointment with news of students being left stranded due to the negligent suspension of services by a Suva based bus operator - without any regard to the safety and security of the students.

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