Sale of Putrid meat Continues

15/05/2020 16:51

Traders continue to defy Food Safety Regulations and sell putrid meat to the public. Through market surveillance, the Consumer Council of Fiji found a particular Supermarket in the heart of Suva city selling putrid meat.

 Immediately after our findings, the Council engaged the Suva City Council Health department and 199.70kg meat was condemned today.

 Traders are reminded that they have a responsibility to their customers and the products they sell must be of merchantable quality. The Council will continue to monitor the quality of goods sold in supermarkets and will not hesitate to name traders who are in clear breach of the law.

 “The sale of putrid meat continues to be an area of concern for the Council. The message is simple – sell goods that is worth the money paid for. Continued defiance of the law doesn’t just affect consumers, it also affects traders because consumer trust in these businesses wane,” said Consumer Council CEO Seema Shandil.

 Consumers are once again urged to be frugal whilst shopping and continue alerting the Council of any unethical practices in the market place by our National Consumer Helpline toll-free number, 155.