Retailing Fireworks - A Concern

17/10/2019 10:49

As Diwali is one of the biggest shopping seasons in Fiji, “Sale, Diwali Bonanza, Deals and Discount” schemes are a large factor to lure consumers. Many shoppers even advance their shopping to make the most of the so called “Discount Sales”.

 Fireworks and family feasts usually mark the festival of lights.  The Consumer Council of Fiji in its proactive approach has started its pre-Diwali market surveillance to ensure traders are not taking advantage of this festive season.

 During its market surveillance yesterday (15th October 2019), the Council found that retailers were selling fireworks at misleading prices whereby the in-house advertised prices (stickers) did not match the Point-of-Sale (POS) System price.

 Council CEO Ms. Seema Shandil said that fireworks are already quite expensive for most consumers in Fiji, and to top it off, traders were duping them by charging extra at the POS.

 “This is a clear act of misleading the consumers. “Unbelievable prices” and “discount offers” could be traps to lure consumer into buying fireworks at normal price far less than what is promised. The Council warns these unscrupulous traders to refrain from this behaviour and operate ethically,” Ms Shandil said.

 “It is also extremely worrying to see few traders selling fireworks which is labelled in foreign language without any English translation. Fireworks are dangerous therefore; it is advisable for consumers to purchase fireworks which has instructions written in English language. This will ensure they are able to read the instructions and follow all the safety precautions before using it. Thus, it is important that firecrackers retailed around the country are labelled in English language,” she concluded.