Fresh Alert against Melbourne Works Limited

05/12/2019 13:18

The Consumer Council of Fiji wishes to alert consumers against Melbourne Works Limited (MWL), a Suva based business that provides joinery works. Complaints continue to surface against this unethical company whereby consumers are hoodwinked and deceived off thousands of dollars by the company Director. 

What worries the Council more is that the consumers are consistently misled by him through his social media marketing gimmicks.  Since 2008, the Council received 42 complaints against MWL with a monetary value of $202,346.66.  This year alone, the council has received 10 complaints worth $32,560.  Our concern is that consumers are being taken for a ride by the Director’s false promises and his conniving ways. This is daylight robbery. It is fraud.

One complainant hired MWL to get a modern kitchen constructed for $17,845. While the agreement was to complete the work within the month of June, work started in August and has yet to be completed since. Another complainant paid $5, 415 for joinery works in their kitchen. The company had agreed to complete work within a week. However, since making payment in September, work is still incomplete. 

The company’s action is a clear breach of section 88 (1) (a) (1) of the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission Act 2010 for accepting payment without being able to supply as ordered.  

“This company has been swindling money from consumers for years and we ask that the necessary authorities look into this matter seriously,” said Consumer Council of Fiji CEO Seema Shandil.

“Too much money has been lost to this trader alone and the data we have is only for the cases that has been registered at the Council. How is this rogue service provider, whose ulterior motive is to make money at the expense of consumers still being allowed to operate given this record? The Council will not sit back and allow consumers to be duped and be diplomatic towards traders who have a seemingly lack of regard for the law and their obligations to consumers. We are strongly urging consumers to refrain from engaging with MWL for any joinery or other related works.”

Any consumers facing similar situation with Melbourne Building Works are urged to lodge their complaints and call us on the toll-free National Consumer Helpline, 155 or email