Dodgy traders retailing bones as lamb neck pieces

02/12/2019 10:13

A number of distraught consumers have raised concerns to the Consumer Council about the lamb bones sold as lamb neck by a prominent supermarket in all its branches across Fiji.

The Council’s in its approach to investigate the matter found the same. The lamb bones are being retailed at a price that is marked up for lamb neck.

After investigations, the Council found that the supermarket’s related branches were trimming meat from the lamb bones to be sold separately and then selling the bones as lamb-neck pieces.

This is a clear case where a product has been misrepresented to dupe consumers. This supermarket is attempting to create two revenue streams by lying to consumers and this is extremely an unscrupulous behaviour.

Majority of the consumers do not demand and just look at the quantity to feed their families without considering what it is. Our market survey shows that some unscrupulous traders take advantage of this fact.

“It seems it is not enough to continue to warn traders who seemingly lack ethics when it comes to serving consumers. Better enforcement and harsher penalties are needed to ensure the issue is curtailed,” said Consumer Council of Fiji CEO Seema Shandil.

“The Council also noted that these traders in question are repeat offenders who have continued to shirk the law and have a lack of regard for consumers and their health.

Furthermore, based on the past experiences the Council has seen that these issues become widespread as we enter the festive season and we encourage consumers to carefully inspect all goods before purchasing.”

The Council is again warning traders to ensure that they adhere to all regulations regarding the sale of goods in the lead up to the festive season.

Traders should not use the increased consumer activity to cheat consumers and the Council will continue to conduct market surveillances on a regular basis.

The Council also urges consumers to reach out to the Council on toll free number 155 or email should they experience issues while shopping.