Council warns traders on the sale of putrefied food

31/12/2019 12:58

As some part of the country are affected by Tropical Cyclone Sarai in the past few days, the Consumer Council of Fiji warns traders to refrain from selling food and other perishable items which have gone bad due to the power outage experienced by most parts of Viti Levu.

A stern warning is being issued to supermarkets, butcheries and food retailers to destroy food items and meat that have thawed and become unsafe for human consumption.  Traders must take the lead role in disposing of affected goods as public health and safety is paramount.

The Council has noticed in the past that some traders attempt to profit from the sale of goods damaged in natural disasters. Traders should know that this will not be tolerated. The Council will not hesitate to report the unscrupulous traders to the Food Safety Unit under the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and the Fijian Competition and Consumers Commission.

In market surveillance immediately following TC Sarai, the Council has already found thawed and discoloured meat in the storage freezers of supermarkets. These supermarkets have been advised to separate this meat and ensure that it is destroyed.

The Council also wishes to acknowledge supermarkets who have already begun the process of separating and disposing of thawed meat. This voluntary compliance with the law is encouraging.

Finally, the Council urges Consumers to be careful and carefully inspect any meat or products which may be on sale for low prices during this time.  Consumers are advised to report any incidents of thawed or rotten food, meat, dairy or other products to the Council on our National Consumer Helpline toll-free number 155.