Council commits to Green Consumerism

08/10/2019 11:28

The Consumer Council of Fiji commemorated the closing of the Green Action Week today with a commitment to continue to push the green consumerism agenda for Fijian consumers.

The Green Action week, which runs from 30th September to 7th October is an initiative by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) and is carried out in coordination with Consumers International (CI). It is a global campaign to promote sustainable consumption through Sharing Communities.

The Green Action Week is part of the Green Action Fund Project 2019, for which the Council received funding to create awareness on the harmful effects of plastics on marine ecosystems and provide alternatives to replace plastic bags.

Mrs Shandil stated that the GAF 2019 project is timely and in line with the Governments initiative to phase out High-Density Polyethylene plastic bags from 2020.

The Council aimsto support the Government’s vision through this project and to also encourage immediate action from consumers. The Council created a platform for communities to share existing knowledge on using traditional methods to come up with innovate alternatives to plastics.

The project was successful in introducing these reusable alternatives in the villages of Sauniveiuto, Galoa and Serua Island.Chief Guest at the closing event, Honourable Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts, Rosy Akbar, commended the Council for its commitment to a plastic free fiji.

Mrs. Shandil added that the Council was thankful to the Serua Provincial Council and the three partaking villages for their willingness to participate in the 2019 Green Action Fund Projectand for their commitment to reduce the use of single use plastic bags in their communities.

“This event has provided an opportunity to the villagers to showcase their hidden talents. It is amazing to see how creatively the reusable shopping bags and baskets have been designed and some fine examples of craftsmanship is part of the display at the event today,” said the CEO.

“It is extremely important that all Fijians reduce the number of plastic bags that they use eachyear. While we focused this project on communities in Serua, the Council is also conducting significant awareness around the country on the need for all Fijians to practice green and sustainable consumerism,” she concluded