Council commends Internet Service Providers

14/08/2019 10:11


The Consumer Council of Fiji welcomes the move by the three telecommunication companies, Telecom Fiji Limited, Vodafone Fiji, and Digicel to absorb the new data levy of 10 cents for every gigabyte used by their customers.

The levy came into effect when Parliament passed the Telecommunication Amendment Bill last week. This is good news for all Fijian internet users as they will not face the trickle-down effect of the new levy.

The Internet Service Providers (ISP) were able to neutralise the costs due to the termination of the voice levy rate of 1% by the Government on 1st August 2019 and the review and reduction in landing cost paid by ISP to access FINTEL’s cable landing stations.

“We commend the efforts of these service providers who have already committed to ensure the burden of paying the levy is not passed on to consumers and encourage other ISPs to ensure the same” Council CEO Seema Shandil said.