Council applauds ANZ removal of fees

29/11/2019 11:45

The Consumer Council of Fiji applauds the move by ANZ Bank to remove minimum spend amount restrictions on ANZ EFTPOS machines by next month.

This means consumers can use their Local Debit Access Cards on ANZ EFTPOS machines to purchase goods of any value.

“The Council welcomes this newest initiative by ANZ as this will assist consumers to make the transition to a cashless economy. This is particularly good news for lower income earners who may have less than $10 on their Local Debit Access Cards but still need to purchase items with that balance,” Mrs Shandil said.

Mrs Shandil said the minimum spend amount requirements were set by merchants and this removal by ANZ showed a willingness to make their services more consumer friendly.

“The Council also understands that this applies to all consumers who use ANZ EFTPOS machines regardless of whether they use cards from BSP, Westpac, HFC of Bred Bank. This is very convenient for consumers.”

“However, consumers should be aware that this only applies to Local Debit Access Cards and not to Visa Debit Cards,” Mrs Shandil said.

She added that other banks should also consider removing the minimum spend amount restrictions on their EFTPOS machines. “Many consumers would benefit from this ease of access and long standing customers will appreciate this added perk from banks,” she concluded