Chiba Motors swindle money from consumers

05/12/2019 13:22

The Consumer Council of Fiji has received numerous complaints against a second-hand car dealer in Nakasi, who has been accepting money from consumers and failing to deliver as promised.

Chiba Motors (Pte) Ltd has been notorious for receiving deposits from customers but not delivering vehicles. This year alone, the Council has recorded 21 complaints against the company valued at $23,400.

Consumers are constantly being ripped off and misinformed about the vehicles they intend to purchase.

One complainant paid $8,000 in 2018 as deposit for a vehicle and has yet to receive the vehicle to date. Another complainant paid $4,000 as deposit in January earlier this year and followed up with the trader to no avail. Chiba motors continuously made false promises to these consumers with no intention of fulfilling them.

Council CEO, Mrs Seema Shandil says such unscrupulous businesses take advantage of the hard-earned money of individuals who spend years to save before they can pay for a car or its deposit.

“There has been no improvement from Chiba Motors despite consistent efforts to get them to provide redress through mediation. The Council can no longer tolerate these inconsistencies. Stronger enforcement is needed for businesses like Chiba to ensure they cease taking advantage of vulnerable consumers,” she said.

The Council advises consumers to be wary of such car dealers who are involved in unethical business dealings. Complaints can be lodged on the Council’s National Consumer Toll-Free Helpline 155 or emailed to