Cease alteration of expiry dates

06/08/2019 13:07

The Consumer Council of Fiji has noted increased incidences of traders tampering with expiry dates and is urging traders to cease this practice. These unscrupulous traders are placing consumer’s health at risk by deliberately changing expiry dates in a bid to get money from items that no longer have value.  

This comes after a complaint recently received by the Council against a pharmacy in the Nasinu municipality retailing contraceptives that expired in 2013. It was also concerning to note the expiry date, situated at the back of the packaging was removed with a correction pen. Three sachets in the pack were also found to be tampered with a same colour nail polish, tricking consumers with ease.

Consumer Council of Fiji CEO Seema Shandil said the actions of the trader was a “clear breach of ethics and trust”. “Pharmacies must note that contraceptives have an expiry and not a best before date,” she said.

“Pharmacists must also be vigilant and ensure that the products they are selling have information which consumers can clearly read and understand. Selling expired products is serious concern itself whilst tampering with expiry dates is another. The Council views the fraudulent alteration of expiry dates on contraceptives as an extremely serious issue and has referred the matter to the Pharmaceutical Board for their necessary actions.”

“Consumers trust pharmacies to provide appropriate medicinal products prescribed for their well-being. Consumers have the right to correct information and this must always be respected.”  The Council also urges consumers to pay closer attention to the expiry dates on products being sold and ensure that all items whether food or non-food being purchased have a label, is English translated and to also ensure the dates are closely examined and not altered or tampered with.

Consumers who find products that are expired and expiry dates that are tampered with are encouraged to contact the Council’s National Consumer Helpline toll free number, 155 or email complaints@consumersfiji.org.