Press Releases 2019

31/12/2019 14:57:12 Council welcomes rent freeze extension

Consumers will greet the new year with good news after the Government announced that the rent freeze has been further extended until December 31, 2020. The announcement was made on Monday pursuant to the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission (Rent Increase Restriction on Residential and Ground Rent) Order 201

31/12/2019 12:58:44 Council warns traders on the sale of putrefied food

As some part of the country are affected by Tropical Cyclone Sarai in the past few days, the Consumer Council of Fiji warns traders to refrain from selling food and other perishable items which have gone bad due to the power outage experienced by most parts of Viti Levu.

31/12/2019 12:53:27 Refrain From Purchasing Seeds Online

The Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF) in collaboration with the Consumer Council of Fiji (CCoF) is urging members of the public to exercise caution when shopping online and refrain from purchasing regulated items.

20/12/2019 09:04:44 Council warns retailers of rotten produces

The Consumer Council of Fiji is warning suppliers and supermarkets to refrain from selling rotten fruits, vegetables and putrid meat that are exposing consumers to potential health risks this festive season.

05/12/2019 13:22:42 Chiba Motors swindle money from consumers

The Consumer Council of Fiji has received numerous complaints against a second-hand car dealer in Nakasi, who has been accepting money from consumers and failing to deliver as promised.

05/12/2019 13:18:50 Fresh Alert against Melbourne Works Limited

The Consumer Council of Fiji wishes to alert consumers against Melbourne Works Limited (MWL), a Suva based business that provides joinery works.

02/12/2019 10:18:28 Disregard of movie ratings- - a concern

The Consumer Council wishes to advise the public that movie age restrictions are in place for a reason.

02/12/2019 10:13:47 Dodgy traders retailing bones as lamb neck pieces

A number of distraught consumers have raised concerns to the Consumer Council about the lamb bones sold as lamb neck by a prominent supermarket in all its branches across Fiji.

02/12/2019 10:09:37 Travel agent schemes thousands off consumers.

The Consumer Council of Fiji strongly advises consumers to carry out a thorough background check on all travel agents selling air tickets.

29/11/2019 11:45:29 Council applauds ANZ removal of fees

The Consumer Council of Fiji applauds the move by ANZ Bank to remove minimum spend amount restrictions on ANZ EFTPOS machines by next month.

15/11/2019 14:44:15 Panel discussion sheds light on housing sector

The Consumer Council of Fiji convened a panel discussion on Thursday November 14th with the theme “Public Perceptions of Quality and Affordability in Housing Sector” to provide a holistic look at issues found by stakeholders in the housing sector.

17/10/2019 10:49:23 Retailing Fireworks - A Concern

As Diwali is one of the biggest shopping seasons in Fiji, “Sale, Diwali Bonanza, Deals and Discount” schemes are a large factor to lure consumers. Many shoppers even advance their shopping to make the most of the so called “Discount Sales”.

08/10/2019 11:37:25 No room for error

Traders are being sternly warned that human error and technical glitches are unacceptable excuses for contrasting shelf and point of sale prices.

08/10/2019 11:28:08 Council commits to Green Consumerism

The Consumer Council of Fiji commemorated the closing of the Green Action Week today with a commitment to continue to push the green consumerism agenda for Fijian consumers.

14/08/2019 12:43:12 Automated Complaints Management System for the Consumer Council of Fiji

The Consumer Council of Fiji (CCoF) will soon have an automated electronic complaints management system that will streamline their data aggregation, storage and recall processes.

14/08/2019 12:31:37 REALB and Consumer Council of Fiji To Work Together for Consumer Protection

The Real Estate Agents Licensing Board (REALB), in collaboration with the Consumer Council of Fiji (CCoF), will conduct a Joint Roadshow in the Northern Division this month as part of an effort to educate consumers on issues related to the Real Estate Industry in Fiji

14/08/2019 10:11:48 Council commends Internet Service Providers

The Consumer Council of Fiji welcomes the move by the three telecommunication companies, Telecom Fiji Limited, Vodafone Fiji, and Digicel to absorb the new data levy of 10 cents for every gigabyte used by their customers.

06/08/2019 13:07:15 Cease alteration of expiry dates

The Consumer Council of Fiji has noted increased incidences of traders tampering with expiry dates and is urging traders to cease this practice. These unscrupulous traders are placing consumer’s health at risk by deliberately changing expiry dates in a bid to get money from items that no longer have value.

10/06/2019 16:50:46 Raising Awareness and Consumer Confidence in Lautoka

The Consumer Council of Fiji will conduct an awareness workshop with key stakeholders in Lautoka this week in its effort to raise discussions and boost consumer confidence.

10/06/2019 09:13:01 2019-2020 budget –A step forward

The Consumer Council of Fiji views the 2019 – 2020 Budget to be futuristic, practical and economically sustainable. It not only provides stable present but also secures stable future for all Fijians.

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