Prepare for Cyclone Pam

12/03/2015 15:57

The Consumer Council of Fiji is calling on the consumers to start buying essentials to prepare well for Cyclone Pam which is looming over Fiji.

Consumers are advised to buy items such as battery, torch, matches, candles and stock up food and drinking water, in time.

Avoid anylast minute or rushed shopping during cyclone warnings.

From past experiences, we have seen that some unscrupulous traders generally increase the price of these essential items because these items are not under price control or there is a big demand. So don’t let traders take advantage of the hurricane warnings.

There is still time for consumers to move around and do comparative shopping. It is just a matter of planning.

Consumers should store drinking water as there may be cuts in water supply. It is also important to stock up canned food and other dry food items such as pulses which can come handy when there are disruptions in the electricity supply. If you have stocked frozen food in the fridge, you may want to use them now as they may go bad if there is a power failure.

Consumers should also check expiry dates on food items to avoid disappointment as some traders will try to get rid of old stocks.

We are urging the consumers to exercise caution when shopping for the cyclone.