WAF’s new billing system

11/11/2014 16:54

The Consumer Council of Fiji welcomes the move by the Water Authority of Fiji to upgrade its current paper billing system to electronic billing.This means that the consumers will now have options to access their bills and accounts easily without any run around.

With the technological advancement, it is expected that billing and payment mode will change over time to suit the needs and demands of consumers. Consumers are expected to embrace such changes by virtue of technological advances. However, the Council is mindful that not all consumers are tech savvy.

Therefore, it is hopeful that WAF will continue with its present form of paper billing for those concerned consumers who do not have access to internet or are living in remote areas where networks remain a problem. In such situation, paper bills are handy where consumers are able to know their dues and make payments accordingly.

It becomes frustrating when a consumer does not receive his/her water bill on time. Consequently he/she ends up with sudden bulk billing or disconnection of their meters.

The Council has come across several cases over the years where consumers have faced unexpected disconnections simply because they did not receive bills on time.

The whole rationale behind upgrading and enhancement of any system is to improve service delivery and maintain good customer care. WAF while giving a technological facelift to the existing system must take into consideration that there are some consumers who will miss out on their bills as they don’t have access to internet.

The Council remains hopeful that WAF will create more awareness on the proposed billing system so consumers can make an informed choice whether to stick to paper billing or sign up for e-billing. Consumers should also make an effort to update themselves about the new billing system.