Press Releases 2014

17/03/2014 17:00:39 Consumers to take caution when buying onions

The Consumer Council of Fiji is urging consumers to be cautious when buying onions from supermarkets and other retail outlets.

17/03/2014 16:19:05 Consumers take caution when buying onions

The Consumer Council is urging consumers to be cautious when buying onions from supermarkets and other retail outlets.

12/03/2014 14:53:13 Vodafone ‘hello-tunes’ a concern

The Consumer Council of Fiji is urging Vodafone Fiji to re-examine its marketing strategy and avoid using its own customers to market its products by bordering on invasion of privacy.

07/03/2014 09:42:03 "Fix Our Phone Rights!” – 2014 World Consumer Rights Day Theme

The World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) is celebrated every year and this year’s focus is on the mobile telecommunication sector, with the theme “Fix Our Phone Rights”.

03/03/2014 00:00:00 Council Calls RBF to Review Financial and Banking Sector Fees and Charges

Australian consumers had a historical win when a recent Australian Federal Court decision found ANZ Bank in Australia had charged its consumers what it called "extravagant, exorbitant and unconscionable" late payment fees on credit cards. The class action sought to prove ANZ’s honour, dishonour, late and non-payment and over-limit fees were unfair penalties that didn’t reflect the true cost to the bank.

26/02/2014 09:18:10 JEVIC will fix used- car industry

Amidst a recent clampdown by the Land Transport Authority on second-hand vehicle dealers for misleading the buyers with their unfair and unscrupulous dealings, the Consumer Council of Fiji is reiterating its call to re-introduce JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Centre).

13/02/2014 09:33:49 Who should be paying for the Garbage Fee?

In a tug-of -war between tenants and landlords over who should be paying the garbage fee imposed by the municipal councils, the Consumer Council of Fiji is calling on landlords to clearly specify as to which party will be paying the fee.

11/02/2014 09:22:33 Consumers urged to shop around for unsecured loans

The Consumer Council of Fiji is advising consumers who intend to take personal unsecured loans from banks to be aware of a plethora of fees and charges that can make such loans very expensive.

30/01/2014 09:12:18 Return of ‘The Pink Window Creations’

The Consumer Council of Fiji is once again calling on consumers to be cautious while shopping online as dodgy online boutiques remain a concern.

16/01/2014 09:05:38 Consumers International Commends Fiji Government

A global consumer body has applauded the Fijian Government for upholding consumer rights by announcing the setting up of the much-awaited Consumer Complaints/Compensation Tribunal in the country.

10/01/2014 08:58:32 More drop in school exercise books: survey

The Consumer Council sees more relief for parents and school children for the 2014 school year as prices of exercise books have remained stable from 2013 with more price drops than increases.

07/01/2014 08:36:17 Consumer Council is calling on Fiji TattsLotto to remove the Disclaimer

Fiji Tattslotto should stop hiding behind the disclaimer printed on the game ticket to justify any human error or negligence leading to exclusion of numbers from entering the draws.

06/01/2014 08:52:42 75 Consumer Complaints so far in 2014

Just two weeks into 2014 and the Consumer Council of Fiji has received a total of 75 complaints from Fijian consumers with monetary value worth $38, 267.

15/08/2012 15:37:05 Vodafone flaunts texting rules

A Vodafone texting promotion is not following the Self-Regulating Guidelines (SRG) for Texting Competition/Promotions for Fiji set by Fiji Commerce Commission (FCC).

06/08/2012 15:47:56 No breakthrough with Sky Pacific

The Consumer Council of Fiji is extremely disappointed that over 20,000 Sky Pacific subscribers are left ‘high and dry’ as Fiji Television Limited will not be restoring the nine channels any time soon.