Fiji’s Lajeb Produce, under scrutiny

30/08/2014 16:09

The Consumer Council of Fiji is alerting members of the public to be cautious when shopping online.

This fresh warning comes after alarm was raised by some shoppers who claim that the groceries were not delivered after the payment was made to an online supermarket, Lajeb Produce, which has been operating in Fiji, for some time now.

The Council has received complaints and tip-off regarding Lajeb Produce, which has been operating via Facebook, taking orders online for household items/groceries, using credit cards and promising to have the goods delivered at the physical addresses provided by those placing orders.Concerned consumers, most of who live abroad, say they only chose to trade with this online supermarket so they could gift household items to their loved ones back home.

In a case at hand, a Fijian woman who resides in the United Kingdom had placed orders for a list of groceries with Lajeb Produce, paid them a sum of $213.82 using credit card and requested the online supermarket to have the items delivered at her family residence in Suva.

However, goods were not delivered to the address given and all her attempts to contact the online supermarket was unsuccessful. Another consumer also faced the same problem.What was more frustrating was that Lajeb Produce could not be contacted. All their phone lines went off and messages sent via Facebook remained unanswered.

The Council launched an investigation into Lajeb Produce following these complaints and managed to locate one of the directors who lives in Australia.

The director has now confirmed to the Council that they have shut down their operation in Fiji following mismanagement by staff.

The Council is now requesting anyone who placed orders and paid Lajeb Produce but have not yet received their goods to come forward and register their complaints.

We will provide the list of complainants with their details to Lajeb Produce director to provide redress for the aggrieved consumers. So far only one consumer who lodged her complaint has been compensated by Lajeb Produce.

Consumers are reminded not to place any more orders or make payments to Lajeb Produce as their Facebook page remains active though they claim they have shut down operations in Fiji!