Display Bus Timetables

09/05/2014 10:36

The Consumer Council of Fiji is calling on the Land Transport Authority to ensure that all bus operators clearly display their bus timetables at the respective bus stations around the country.

As this will contain the over-crowding woes presently experienced by the commuters, who have no choice but to rush around the bus stand looking around for their buses or simply linger around the already congested bus station, confused and uncertain about the departure/arrival times of their buses.

The Council’s call follows the recent tragic accident during the afternoon rush-hour at the Suva Bus Station where a woman and her three-year old child were killed.

The bus station is usually crammed with commuters at that rush hour and space is a matter of concern. This limits the movement of the people and also for the drivers of the bus to secure space to park the buses.

The Council believes that with proper bus timetables clearly displayed at the bus stations, commuters will know when exactly their bus will arrive or depart the bus station. This will minimise the mass of people loitering around the bus stand.

Bus timetable is a public document and it must be made readily available to the commuters. It is an important document, which contains the information needed by consumers to plan their next journey.

The Council calls on regulatory authorities and enforcement agencies responsible for the public service vehicles to also monitor the quality of the services provided to the public, in terms of fitness of the vehicles. We don’t need death-traps on our roads.

A call is also made to the bus operators to train their bus drivers to maintain professionalism so they offer high quality service to the commuters. The Council is aware of concerns regarding loud music played in the buses and the overloading of passengers by the drivers.

All stakeholders must note that they have a responsibility towards the commuters both before they board the bus or while waiting to catch the bus.Now is a time to act to ensure that the bus station is not turned into a death-station.