Council’s plea to Fiji Airways

26/06/2014 14:47

The Consumer Council of Fiji welcomes the steps taken by the Fiji Airways to upgrade its economy-class meal service concept from box to trays and change of menu from burgers and wraps to freshly prepared hot inflight banquet.

The Council applauds the Fiji Airways chief executive Stefan Pichler for acknowledging the consumer complaints and taking on board the negative feedback from its passengers on in-flight food and quickly acting on it to improve the services at no cost.

We are happy because consumers will now receive decent meal which will truly reflect the pacific culture. For some time now, the Council has been experiencing a barrage of complaints and concerns from the consumers regarding the issue which is finally addressed by Mr Pitchler in such a short time.

On that positive note, the Council is making a special plea to Mr Pichler - to reduce the air fares for domestic flights.

Not a day passes by when consumers don‟t raise concern about the exorbitant airfares paid by the consumers residing in the northern division. Currently, consumers are subjected to paying extraordinarily high airfares when taking domestic flights, for instance, consumers end up paying as much as $286.55 for only one-way fare from Nausori to Labasa. Return fare can be as high as $573. This is simply expensive especially when some international fares are cheaper than this. Another concern is that consumers need more transparency on the airline's "cheap fare" deal/promotions available for the domestic flights as presently, when consumers call the airline office to make bookings, they are often advised that “all cheap fare seats are sold out” yet advertisements keep appearing in the papers.

Now, consumers are left with no choice but to pay more to secure a seat particularly when it is an unplanned travel for bereavement, sickness or meetings.

We are hopeful that Mr Pichler will act in good faith and address this pressing consumer issue of high domestic air fares.

The Council as well as the consumers await for the good news – to see a reduction in airfares for domestic flights soon!