Council reiterates call for JEVIC

18/07/2014 15:29

The Consumer Council of Fiji applauds the Land Transport Authority for its efforts to remove ‘unsafe and unfit’ vehicles from our roads.

While LTA’s newly installed hi-tech automated vehicle inspection device will help contain the defective vehicles, the Council strongly believes that reinstating JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Centre) will ensure poor quality second-hand vehicles do not reach our shores.

This can be very well gauged from the 13 complaints received for the first six months of this year (2014) with the monetary value of approximately $175,000.00. Worst examples are where consumers are sold unsafe vehicles putting their life at risk.

Above all, Fijian consumers who save every cent to own a vehicle will benefit the most out of the reintroduction JEVIC, which is widely used in many countries.

Implementation of JEVIC, SIN (Supplier Information Notice) or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is the remedy to curb the unfair dealings by the second-hand vehicle dealers, some of who blatantly disregard good business practice and ethics.

JEVIC, which is not new to Fiji, will make the second-hand vehicle dealers more accountable, responsible and transparent.

With JEVIC in place as a regulatory requirement, all used Japanese vehicles will have mandatory JEVIC certification before entering Fiji as all such vehicles will undergo pre-shipment inspection – this would protect the Fijian consumers from buying defective, odometer tempered used vehicles.

For a long time now second hand vehicle owners have been dealing with defective vehicles costing heavily on consumers’ pockets.It is time, we find a long-lasting and a solid solution to keep our roads free of unsafe vehicles.