Consumer Negligence

04/11/2014 16:42

The Consumer Council of Fiji is once again urging consumers to refrain from giving their PIN numbers or any other personal information to anyone.

This caution comes in light of a recent incident where a consumer found her bank account to be overdrawn leaving her with only $7.80 after she used EFTPOS machine at a local supermarket.

According to the consumer, she used the machine to pay for her shopping and - withdrew $200 cash for her later use. After this transaction, she wanted to know her remaining balance but the serving counter was busy at that time. She sought assistance from a packer boy employed by the supermarket. She handed her card with the PIN number to the packer boy to check the balance. He checked the balance and informed her that she has $587.80 in her account. The consumer walked away without realising that she had left the card at the supermarket. She returned to the supermarket only to be told that the card was not there. Then, she checked her balance with the bank and found that $580 was withdrawn leaving her with $7.80. A complaint was later filed with the supermarket and the police.

The Council calls on consumers to act responsibly and avoid giving personal details to strangers or even to family members.Consumers should not act blatantly by placing their trust in anybody when it comes to money. With advancing technology, we all are exposed to identity theft, online banking scams and phishing.

Consumers should be extremely cautious as to who they share their personal information with.

The Council is reminding consumers to keep all their bank account details such as passbook, emails, username, password, PIN numbers, cheque leaf and correspondences with his/her bank in a safe place for these are private information. This information is not to be shared with anyone.