20,000 Sky Pacific subscribers deserve justice

05/08/2014 16:02

The Consumer Council of Fiji is seeing a surge in consumer complaints with more Sky Pacific subscribers expressing serious concerns over the changes made to the channel line-up.

Sky Pacific subscribers continue with their call to Fiji Television Limited to come out clean and explain why they brought the changes to the channel line-up.

Various social media network sites, open columns and the Council’s never-ending phone calls have displayed an overwhelming repudiation of Fiji Television’s claim that the subscribers were consulted extensively before announcing the changes to the channel line-up. Is Sky Pacific trying to justify that these changes were done in agreement with the subscribers? Fiji Television has still not shown as to how these subscribers were consulted?

It is crystal clear that neither the consumers nor the Council, which is legally mandated to represent the interests of the Fijian consumers, was ever consulted by the operators of the Sky Pacific.

The reality is that the subscribers were kept in dark and the changes in channels were made by barely giving 3day’s notice. Is the 3 days notice adequate for the loyal customers of Fiji Television?

The truth is now surfacing where FOX International Channels has revealed that it was unsuccessful in persuading Sky Pacific to allow their channel to stay on the local pay TV platform (FijiTimes, 5/8/14).

The Council will not give up on its fight for justice for the 20,000 plus consumers who have been paying $49 per month and whose voices remain unheard by Fiji Television. Going by the number of subscribers, Sky Pacific is receiving around $1 million every month from its subscribers.

The Council will be meeting with the Fiji Television representatives tomorrow to discuss the issues with the hope to find a solution in favour of the thousands of the Sky Pacific subscribers.

We would like Fiji Television to act in good faith and restore at least some of the nine channels they have taken off air – there is certainly no substitute to the world renown channels like BBC, Nat Geo Wild, Star Plus,Cartoon Network and others which were once enjoyed by both the young as well as the adult viewers.

We are also concerned with the subscribers who paid $299 for the Sky Pacific service and now own the equipment.How will they get redress if they opt out of the service considering the fact that most viewers would have now lost interest to watch new programmes? Obviously, the equipment will not be of any use to them.