Press Releases 2013

11/07/2013 08:07:19 Cancelling a Layby Purchase

Many consumers find purchasing items through lay-by convenient. A lay-by is when a trader puts aside a product for the consumer who makes a deposit and continues making payment through installments until the full amount is finally paid. Once the installment has been fully paid, the product is released to the consumer.

02/07/2013 08:23:44 Faulty FEA Meters

There is a possibility that you may have not tampered with your FEA meter but you have been issued with a letter claiming that you have an overdue amount for a faulty meter.

26/06/2013 08:15:37 Meter Tampering

If you have deliberately interfered or altered your FEA meter to avoid or to lower your electricity bill, then you may be liable for meter tampering. Energy thieves are knowingly consuming electricity which has not been correctly metered due to tampering of the meters. Electricity theft or stealing energy is not only illegal but also results in safety issue where meter tampering can cause electrical shock, fires, or even death.

21/06/2013 14:59:10 Check for Vehicle Bill of Sale

Apart from checking and inspecting a vehicle physically, the Consumer Council is urging consumers to check for any encumbrance or third party interest over the vehicle prior to its purchase.

14/06/2013 14:07:54 Alternative medicinal products in the Fiji market

The Consumer Council is aware of certain products being sold in the Fiji market that are being promoted as having medical and health-giving properties.

12/06/2013 07:51:51 Boats at Risk

As an island nation, fishing is a major source of income for many people in Fiji. Sea transportation is also one of the major means of travelling from one island to another. Many villagers use punts or canoes daily just to cross rivers and streams to reach the mainland. The lives of these people cannot be risked by some unscrupulous traders wanting to make quick and easy money.

05/06/2013 09:51:29 Consumer Council’s article “Know your med prices”

The Consumer Council wishes to clarify certain aspects of the article ‘Know your med prices’ published in the Fiji Times (page 6) newspaper on 4th June 2013. The following is highlighted for clarification.

04/06/2013 08:18:17 Defective Plywood: Concern for Consumers

If you ask your builder, relatives, friends or your parents who built houses some years ago, they will tell you how good the quality of materials in those days were. In fact old houses have stood the test against wear and tear.

30/05/2013 14:09:50 Council welcomes restaurant grading action

The Consumer Council commends the Ministry of Health for implementing the Restaurant Grading System.

28/05/2013 08:14:03 Unscrupulous Electricians on loose

When it comes to engaging the services of electrical companies or electricians, there are consumers who often place costs before quality thus compromising their safety.

23/05/2013 08:17:00 Land Mix-Up

Many consumers are now investing in personal property such as land. Land has become a much sought after household asset and a boom in land development especially for residential lots has been noticeable in the last five years.

22/05/2013 14:03:14 Beware of expired medicines

The Consumer Council is urging pharmacies to refrain from selling expired medicines which may compromise consumers’ health and safety.

21/05/2013 09:13:00 Think Twice Before Pawning Valuable Items

The Consumer Council of Fiji urges consumers to think twice before pawning priced possession or valuable items such as gold Jewellery and branded watches at the pawn shops.

20/05/2013 09:05:51 Cautious Spending during Fiji Showcase 2013

With Fiji Showcase 2013 starting this Friday 24th May at the Vodafone Arena, consumers are advised to shop carefully.

14/05/2013 14:27:10 Consumers at risk with unlicensed practitioners

THE Consumer Council of Fiji is concerned that weak regulatory controls are exposing consumers to risks in private dental services.

10/05/2013 08:02:07 Consumer Characteristics

Do you know that 81,125 households in Fiji purchased goods on hire purchase during the period January 1997 and June 2011?

07/05/2013 11:36:23 More awareness planned for settlements in Labasa

The Consumer Council of Fiji as a part of its ongoing community awareness programs will be visiting the Tuatua Rental Board and Covata Housing settlements in Labasa to empower and educate consumers on their basic rights and responsibilities.

02/05/2013 11:30:53 Council’s Mobile Services Benefits Consumers

Consumers continue to make use of the Council’s mobile services as this is a more easy and accessible way for consumers to learn about their rights and responsibilities and at the same time an opportunity to lodge complaints.

01/05/2013 08:30:53 SWITCH AND SAVE!

In October last year, the Consumer Council of Fiji started its “Switch and Save” campaign which encourages consumers to use energy saver light bulbs in order to reduce their electricity bills and also help ease the energy demand. The campaign will officially be launched on 8th January, 2013 at the Council.

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