Press Releases 2012

02/03/2012 14:43:01 Consumers expect service stations to “serve”

The Council welcomes the Minister’s directive that service stations must provide water and air services for customers vehicles.

17/02/2012 08:56:23 Conditional selling court case, a timely reminder to traders

The Consumer Council would like to remind all supermarkets and shops to refrain from conditional selling as it is illegal and cases have gone to court.

15/02/2012 17:11:27 Consumers advised to do comparative shopping for hardware materials

CONSUMERS in flood affected areas whose homes have been damaged are advised to compare prices at various hardware outlets before buying building materials.

14/02/2012 16:17:42 Connect’s new rates not fair on customers

LOYAL broadband customers of internet service provider (ISP) Connect are being unfairly asked to migrate to new rates and packages beginning in April.

12/02/2012 14:35:22 Consumer confusion over FEA subsidy method

THE Consumer Council is calling on the Fiji Electricity Authority to put some clarity on how it calculates customer billing for those consuming below 75kwh per month.

07/02/2012 15:36:53 Insurance Cover is Consumers Choice

Consumers are reminded that the choice of insurance company when buying a product is theirs.

30/01/2012 15:16:25 Financial Institutions encouraged to assist flood victims

In the wake of the recent flooding events that has devastated thousands of families in the western region particularly; the Consumer Council is urging financial institutions to take a lead role in assisting the affected consumers.

30/01/2012 13:59:47 Northern restaurants fail to comply

The Consumer Council calls on all restaurants to prioritize consumer health and to comply with the requirements under the Food Safety Act and Regulation.

26/01/2012 00:00:00 Buy Fiji made exercise books

The Consumer Council would like to encourage parents to buy locally made exercise books for the new school year.

24/01/2012 00:00:00 Schools cannot deny students

The Consumer Council is disturbed and shocked with the arrogant behaviour of some primary schools in the central division.

23/01/2012 15:21:08 Credit Card Levy Confusion

The Consumer Council of Fiji seeks clarification from relevant authorities on the new credit card levy introduced by the Government.

20/01/2012 15:59:42 Council welcomes reduction in bank fees and charges

The Consumer Council welcomes the removal of a number of banking fees and charges announced by Reserve Bank of Fiji today (20 January 2012).

16/01/2012 15:59:58 Text money must be refunded

Fiji One’s texting competition for the 2011 Newsmaker of the Year personality has raised some issues which the Council is concerned about.

12/01/2012 14:54:44 Residential Rent Freeze is still in place

The Consumer Council would like to warn landlords and remind the tenants to be mindful of the Government rent freeze in place for all residential properties.

07/01/2012 11:43:29 Council launches ‘SWITCH and SAVE’ campaign

The Consumer Council will officially launch its ‘SWITCH and SAVE’ campaign tomorrow, 8 January 2013. ‘SWITCH and SAVE’ is an awareness initiative to encourage consumers to switch to energy-saver light bulbs in order to reduce their electricity bills, and contribute to sustainable consumption.

25/11/2011 16:36:06 2012 Budget-People’s Budget

It’s a budget that has definitely put a smile on consumers’ faces. The Council sees the announced 2012 National Budget as a clever, well thought-out one that is heavily focused towards the growth and development of Fijians.

08/11/2011 16:09:55 Sausage ingredients missing and misleading

The Consumer Council of Fiji is calling on food processing companies to act more responsibly by disclosing full information to consumers so that they make an informed decision.