PBS TV customers in dark over blacked out channels

15/06/2012 16:01

SUBSCRIBERS of Pacific Broadcasting Services TV are being kept in the dark by the pay-TV station that has not explained why some of their channels have been off air since last week.

The Council has been inundated by complaints from PBS customers after being unable to watch their programmes despite having paid their $54 subscription. 

The first complaint came on Thursday (07/06) last week when the complainant realized that the Nickelodeon was showing old shows and repeats. During the long weekend consumers reported that they could only access and watch one (Zee TV) channel out the 13 they had paid for. Furthermore three channels – Sony, NDTV, Colors and Nickelodeon – have been off air since the weekend causing frustration to many customers. Color is now operational and NDTV closed its business in India.

The Council is disappointed that PBS TV has remained silent and has not provided a clear official explanation since complaints started coming in last week. The only response received from PBS on emails sent last week that they would get back to us this week; which has not happened since this statement was released. A fax sent to PBS on Wednesday (13/06) was not answered and we were informed that their CEO was out of the country and could not respond to our queries and complaints from consumers.

We find PBS very irresponsible in dealing with customer complaints. Even if their CEO is out of the country at least delegated staff at their office should be in a position to respond after all it the customers who keep PBS’ business afloat.

If PBS cannot maintain 13 channels that it had marketed to consumers for a fee, then it should either cut down the number channels and subscription fees, or simply look for other business.

The Council expects PBS TV to offer a refund or some form of compensation to customers who are only getting a partial service despite paying their full monthly subscription. Customers have paid their hard-earned money to PBS TV for 13 channels but are not getting value for their money.