05/04/2012 14:36

Fiji Electricity Authority’s power sharing strategy following the recent flood in the west is causing frustration rather than providing temporarily relief.

While the Council understands that the unfortunate situation is beyond FEA’s control, the Authority needs to improve on the temporary solutions it has come up with.

Publishing the power sharing schedule in newspapers on the actual day is a little too late for consumers to prepare themselves. The Council suggests for FEA to publish the power sharing schedule a day before the implementation of the published schedule.

This practice will give ample time to consumers to plan a day ahead rather than finding out on the morning of the same day that they cannot carry out a particular task at a particular location due to power cut.

Publishing the schedule on time in one thing and following it is another. Concerns have been raised that the published power sharing schedule by FEA is a ‘show only’ as it is not followed at all. It therefore defeats the purpose of putting up such awareness in the first place. Various business houses including the consumers have expressed disappointment over this.

FEA should stop fooling the public with misleading information and seriously provide practical solutions to the current power cuts faced by all throughout the country. It is shocking to note FEA’s comment that it’s difficult for them to cope with and follow the published schedule because the demand of electricity has suddenly gone up.

The Council fails to understand what was FEA thinking when putting out the power cut schedule? The power cut schedule was published for a reason for people to follow and FEA should have expected this demand coming. It is a very lame for FEA to come up with such reasoning.

The Council is also aware of the number of consumers suffering due to water cuts especially in the greater Suva area. According to Water Authority of Fiji several of their power pumping stations including Wainibuku booster, Kalabu, Khalsa and Tacirua have been affected by power cuts which has severely affected their distribution system for nearby areas such as Tovata, Makoi, Tuirara, Newtown, Caubati, Cunnigham, Tacirua East, Tacirua 6miles, Sakoca etc.

FEA on the other hand maintains that power cuts should not be affecting the water pumping and distribution. Comments from WAF and FEA are contradicting while consumers continue to suffer.

The Council urges for both authorities to work together to end the suffering of consumers. We need accurate and timely information with assurance in confidence that the matter will be resolved soon.

The affected consumers deserve a better electricity and water service.