Consumers urged to voice out against ‘damaging’ service

21/03/2012 16:12

The Consumer Council is calling on consumers to come forward and raise their concerns and complaints against hair and beauty salons for providing “damaging” service. The Council is extremely concerned with the standard of service delivery by some operators in hair and beauty industry.

The concern follows a complaint lodged by a 21-year-old student who lost 80 percent of her hair after undergoing hair straightening procedure at a renowned hair and beauty salon in Suva on February 27 this year. The student had paid $100 for the service.

She was exposed to hair treatment chemicals, unknown to her, and put through a hair steamer for an hour - this extreme condition caused severe damage to her hair and scalp

The Council sought expert advice and found: “The complainant’s hair was severely damaged; her hair has had traumatic alopecia. The hair fell out in clumps and she has lost 80% of hair due to the chemicals used, she will lose all her hair before it grows back again.”

Based on the above, the Council would like to ascertain whether other consumers also faced hair loss after visiting a hair salon for treatment. We urge consumers to share similar incidents with the Council. We would also like to hear from other Hair Salons if they treated similar cases in the past or directly from consumers who suffered at the hands of incompetent employees of Hair Salons.

There is a need to examine the hair and beauty industry which remains unregulated. Even cosmetics and hair products entering Fiji is unregulated. There is a need to set a minimum standard to minimize such mishaps as faced by this complainant. She has not just lost her hair but has gone through a phase of emotional turmoil, waking up every morning, realizing she has lost more than half her hair.

While the Government of the day is trying to get the bollywood movie industry thriving in Fiji, such shocking service from our local hair and beauty industry is certainly not enhancing this dream but pulling it backwards. More importantly, consumers must get the value for their money.

Meanwhile consumers are advised to question hair salon employees on the type of chemicals they use and what effect it will have on their hair and body. Consumers must also be very careful of the salons they are picking for different types of service.