Telecom Fiji’s Brochure on “HOME BASIC PLAN” is a waste of Money.

05/05/2010 15:44

Telecom’s promotional package titled “Home Basic Plan” which is supposed to offset the 33% increase in local call charges is a waste of money.  This brochure states that the post pay residential customers will receive $9.00 worth of free local calls every month which is equivalent to 56 calls. Unfortunately the brochure fails to provide key information needed by consumers to understand how this plan will work. If consumers make 56 calls will these calls be free and therefore consumers have to pay the rental fee only? Is there a condition where customers have to make certain dollar worth of calls to get 56 calls free? How the “Home Basic Plan” does is operationalised? Important information that will make consumers understand how they will benefit from this plan is missing.

The Council questions Telecom’s rationale for spending money to prepare brochures which is not meaningful to the consumers.

The Council hopes that this brochure is not being used by the Telecom Fiji Ltd to divert residential consumer’s attention from increase in telecom charges by announcing “Home Basic Plan” where consumers can get $9.00 worth of free calls every month.

The Brochure states “all customers will be automatically upgraded to TFL’s Home Basic Plan effective Thursday, April 1st 2010”. The Council requests consumers to check their monthly bills to ensure they received $9.00 worth of free calls as promised by TFL.