Press Releases 2010

19/03/2010 15:30:51 Traders advised to practice social responsibility after Cyclone Tomas

The Consumer Council of Fiji is urging shop owners and the supermarkets to refrain from selling food items affected by Tropical Cyclone Tomas. During the cyclone, the power failure was experienced in the Northern, Eastern and Central division and there are areas in the North still without any electricity. The advice comes following past experiences of post cyclone clean-up by some supermarkets where unscrupulous attempt was made to rid products that are salvaged from flood waters and heavy rain, by putting them on sale to consumers.

14/03/2010 16:34:47 Council reiterates calls to regulate gas prices

The Consumer Council of Fiji would like to reiterate its call to regulate the price of gas in Fiji. This is after recent increase in the price of gas. Fiji Gas increased its retail price of 12kg cylinder of cooking gas from $41.50 to $44.50. (refer Fiji Times advertisement- 13/03/10- page 10). The other only gas company in Fiji-Petroleum and Gas Company (Fiji) which retails Blue Gas- had also increased the price of its 13kg gas cylinder to $45.00. Blue Gas so it fit to increase its price without even publically notifying the consumers.

23/02/2010 16:16:47 Council cautions students on dealing with CMTS

The Consumer Council of Fiji would like to advice consumers to be cautious when dealing with the Career and Management Training Systems Limited (CMTS). This is after Council received four official complaints and more than 10 phone calls from parents and students in the Western Division on the sudden closure of the institution without giving prior notice to the students and refunding their fees.

12/02/2010 11:41:32 Don’t spend beyond your means because it’s Valentine’s Day: Council

The Consumer Council of Fiji would like to warn consumers not to get lured by fancy advertising gimmicks for Valentine’s Day celebrations and splash their hard-earned money on things that are unimportant and not needed. Consumers should not spend beyond their means because it’s Valentine’s Day.

11/02/2010 15:56:37 Substandard food items sold in the Western Division a concern.

The Consumer Council of Fiji Lautoka Office is calling on traders to adhere to the Food Safety Regulations 2009 due to the significant increase in the number of complaints on sub-standard food items by the Council’s office in the Western Division.

09/02/2010 16:20:33 Complaints against Excessive School Levies Increasing: Council

The Consumer Council of Fiji recently conducted a survey on school levies following complaints from parents and students on high levies and charges imposed by schools.

29/01/2010 08:50:15 Clamp down on exclusionary notices

THE Consumer Council is clamping down on retailers and business who violate consumers' rights under the Fair Trading Decree 1992 through exclusionary notices and policies.

26/01/2010 15:45:33 Watch out for wrongful reconnection charges: Council

The Consumer Council of Fiji is requesting all consumers using Telecom Fiji’s designated agency- Post Fiji to pay their phone bills to closely scrutinize the bills checking for reconnection fees. We are afraid that several consumers using Post Fiji outlets for Telecom bill payments may be paying extra $10 reconnection fees without knowing it.

26/01/2010 10:19:08 Traders warned on VAT increases

The Consumer Council of Fiji is warning traders and service providers to be honest about applying the new 15% VAT rate. This comes after we have found that some service providers are increasing prices which are higher than the VAT increase of 15% that has come into effect this year.

22/01/2010 16:22:04 Schools engaged in exclusive deals should be disciplined: Council

The Consumer Council of Fiji is calling for stringent disciplinary actions against principals and school management that continue to engage in exclusive deals despite being warned several times. These people are not only breaking the law but are also abusing their power and authority by forcing poor parents and guardians to buy their children’s schooling needs at a much higher price.

22/01/2010 16:01:50 Misleading labels and food adulteration is under watch, Council warns

THE Consumer Council is warning unscrupulous food manufacturers and retailers that it is making regular and random surveillance on food items being sold in the market in contravention of Fiji's food safety laws.

22/01/2010 08:53:12 Supermarkets continue to disregard consumer health and safety

SOME popular supermarkets in the Suva-Nasinu area continue to operate in unhygienic conditions that pose potential health and safety risks for consumers.

21/01/2010 16:25:18 Council warns on dodgy Higher Education institutions

Parents and students are advised to check with the Fiji Higher Education Commission first on whether the higher education institutions they wish to enrol their children is recognised and registered before parting with their money. This advice is based on the increasing number of complaints the Consumer Council of Fiji receives each year from students who were taken for a ride by dodgy higher institutions.

21/01/2010 16:23:20 Exercise book prices up in 2011, survey shows.

The Consumer Council of Fiji would like to urge consumers to take advantage of the temporary VAT exemption and stock up on stationeries as our recent survey on exercise books reveal that the prices of exercise books will increase drastically from March 2011.

20/01/2010 16:11:17 Medical and Dental Tribunal long overdue: Council

The Consumer Council of Fiji welcomes move made by the government to establish the Medical and Dental Professional Conduct Tribunal to raise standard of care amongst the medical and dental practitioners in the country. Every profession has its guidelines and needs a scrutiny. Unfortunately medical and dental professionals were poorly regulated under archaic laws which caused consumer frustration when accessing health services. Empowering health consumers is very important, and this is now achieved through the Medical and Dental Tribunal which will provide remedy to those patients who have grievances against their doctors and dentists.

20/01/2010 14:43:10 Consumers encouraged to lodge complain

The Consumer Council of Fiji of Fiji received a total of 1530 complaints in 2009 with a dollar value of almost $1.9 million. This was almost 128 complaints per month. The Council attributes the increase in complaints to the extensive consumer education and awareness raising and information campaign carried out by the Council Fiji wide.

18/01/2010 15:34:25 Council is fair in asking Pacific Sun to compensate consumers

The Consumer Council of Fiji is fair in asking Pacific Sun to compensate for flight delays and not just apologise. Pacific Sun’s comment in the media today telling the Council to “keep quite” is a sign of monopolistic organization being indifferent to the rights and interests of consumers. And it is this monopolistic arrogance of the airline that is bringing consumers to the Council’s doorstep with complaints.

13/01/2010 16:04:54 Council calls for meat grading system

The Consumer Council of Fiji believes that the problem of cheap low grade fatty meat in Fiji can only be resolved through introducing quality standards in meat industry for imported and local production. Meat standards will serve as commercial quality standards to help facilitate international trade, encourage high-quality local production, improve profitability and protect consumer interests. Most standards include grading system which will allow for only certain grade of meat to be imported and this will reduce or eliminate the import of cheap low grade fatty meat in the country.

13/01/2010 14:32:49 FEA consumers disappointed with “take now adjust later” attitude

The Consumers are crying foul with the decision made by FEA and FIRCA to charge consumers 15% VAT on December’s Bill. Why should consumers pay extra 2.5% out of their pocket because FEA has to make changes in the FEA billing system. It is ethically and morally wrong for FEA to take money from consumers upfront, surprisingly which was supported by FIRCA.

12/01/2010 15:35:37 Pacific Sun should compensate in cash and not just apologise: Council

Pacific Sun should not just apologise for its flight delays but should also start compensating consumers for the inconvenience and frustrations caused as a result of these delays. The Consumer Council of Fiji believes that this will make the airline more responsible, improve services and reduce its number of flight delays.

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