Consumers seek explanation from Connect for poor service delivery

01/07/2010 16:13

Once again, customers of internet service provider (ISP) Connect are calling for answers and honest information from the company regarding two-weeks of on-going poor service delivery and customer care. Connect had informed its customers on 17th June, 2010 that it was carrying out “major system upgrades commencing from Friday 18 June, 2010 – Sunday 20 June 2010” and it “will ensure that there is minimal or no disruptions to internet services.”

However, because of some unforeseen circumstances, this upgrade and replacement process has taken longer than Connect’s advertised timeline. Customers are still facing problems with e-mail and internet services. Frustrated consumers, which also include the Consumer Council of Fiji, want to know why Connect’s service delivery has been poor without adequate notice given to customers to expect problems. While the Council understands Connects reasoning to upgrade its infrastructure in order to improve services to customers, however the company has failed to regularly inform customers of ongoing service disruptions. Furthermore, customers have been unable to access their account and billing information online for more than a week.

Consumers have basic right to these kinds of information. Once again, consumers and businesses are suffering due to Connect’s irresponsibility and apparent lack of due diligence in providing important information to customers. Connect has on several occasions assured the Council improved in its services however, we see no change in this. Instead, the services have been deteriorating by the day. Their customer care numbers are not very receptive and delays are frustrating consumers. After being unable to get a response from Connect on the prolonged disruption in internet and e-mail services, the Council management went to the company’s head office in Raiwai, Suva only to be further frustrated by the poor customer service and laid back attitude of front desk staff.

Clearly, Connect customers are not impressed and the Council urges the company to shape up its customer care. The Council calls on the regulators, the Department of Fair Trading & Consumer Affairs to protect consumer interests under Section 54 of the Fair Trading Act as there are far too many incidents of poor service delivery that is causing consumer dissatisfaction.