Consumers advised not to buy KSRAM brand energy saving bulb

14/06/2010 12:25

The Consumer Council of Fiji would like to advice consumers not to buy KSRAM brand bulb after an advice from Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA) to have these bulbs recalled from the shelves and have it tested for conformity.  KSRAM energy saving bulb (18 Watts, 220-240Volts) is a product from Asia and is sold in most supermarkets, small shops and hardware stores.  According to FEA, this product is to be recalled from the shelves and tested for conformity and the retailer is to submit conformity papers from a recognised approval agency.

Last month, the Council sought FEA’s assistance to test KSRAM energy saving bulb for durability of the product after receiving a complaint that two different KSRAM bulbs only lasted less than half an hour from when it was switched on.  The complainant had bought KSRAM energy saving bulb for $3.59 from a supermarket in Suva where the product was tested in front of her and was working fine.  At home, she replaced this with her old bulb however; the KSRAM bulb went off after 15 minutes.  The second KSRAM bulb replaced by the trader also went off after 20 minutes of use. 

The Council requested FEA to test KSRAM energy saving bulb to see if the product is faulty it was not meeting required durability standards. Unfortunately, FEA could not carry the tests because two bulbs it got for testing were faulty. Hence, FEA recommended that the KSRAM product be recalled until the retailers provide documents proving that the product meets the required standards.

The Council would like to advice consumers not to waste their money by purchasing this KSRAM energy saving light bulbs until further advice is given by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, which is a regulatory body, authorized to recall such products.