Whole Body Vibration Treatment: Concern for Council

29/07/2009 10:47

The Consumer Council of Fiji is raising an alarm to the public to be aware and be on toes before indulging into any kind of treatment which is not endorsed by the Ministry of Health or which is new to them in the market. The council is making this call followed by an advert ‘Whole Body Vibration Treatment’ (Fiji Times page 50). The advert claims that with the help of the WBV treatment it can reduce the dose of medication for the patients of high blood pressure and diabetics.  It also claims that one can get rid of neck, back, shoulder, knees and other body pains from using this treatment machine.

The advert seemed questionable which prompted the Council to undertake a survey. The Council research team consulted some private practitioners who think the other way. These doctors ideology were analysed and concluded:

  • It can be harmful to people with high blood pressure since standing on the vibrating DZT Ultra-vibe Portable machine could increase blood pressure.
  • there is no medical research conducted to establish the effectiveness of the treatment and the side effects.

To note, so far only two came out in the media claiming that the machine is worth in treating their sickness. Now, one should not take it for granted that the experience and the conclusion of these two fellow users of the machine will be the same for all as the doctors approached have mentioned that it can be harmful for people with high blood pressure. To add, some doctors even  are not aware of existence of such treatment and machines.

Therefore, the Council is urging the public to consult the health authorities before taking a chance as the Councils survey has also revealed that there has not been any medical publication on the issue yet.

The DZT Ultra –Vibe ‘Light Industrial’ machine is manufactured in Canada and one does not have to be a registered doctor to use the machine.  This means that an ordinary person (not a doctor) can operate this machine. Then how can one stop the medication without consulting the doctor?

The business advertised is registered under the name of ‘Whole Body Vibration’ and the council is urging the Health Authorities to seriously look into this issue: the trueness of such treatment. At the same time the Council is urging the public to be cautious and consult the doctors rather then stopping the medication and inviting complications in their health.