Consumers to be benefit from V Australia’s entry

20/08/2009 15:26

V Australia the full service airline of Virgin Blue will certainly give consumers more choice when travelling between the lucrative Nadi-Sydney route. The 361-passenger Boeing 777-300ER will provide much-needed competition to Air Pacific and should result in competitive fares from which consumers can make their choice.

In light of Air Pacific recent problems with flight delays and cancellations, V Australia will hopefully provide relief to travellers who have had limited choice. The Council believes that the entry of the new full service competitor will compel Air Pacific to improve its services for consumers.

The Council hopes that the increased capacity on the Nadi-Sydney route will result in low fares and better services.

Furthermore, Consumers will not necessarily have to go through long delays and flight cancellations because V Australia has a larger pool of back-up aircraft compared to Air Pacific. In July travellers were adversely affected after a flight cancellations on the Nadi-Sydney route in which Air Pacific had to charter Qantas aircraft to cater for stranded passengers.

Air Pacific is flying too many routes with too few planes and delays are bound to occur especially when Air Pacific do not have a pool of back-up aircraft on standby.