Cabbies to follow LTA’s Directive

05/08/2009 10:10

The consumer Council of Fiji commends the LTA’s directive for the taxis to use taxi meters as instructed by LTA. The Council reiterates that except for Korovou, Taveuni and Levuka, use of taxi meters for all town areas is a must.

To bring to an end this practice of “not using the taxis meters” when consumers hire taxis must stop. This is possible only when consumers exercise their responsibility of first demanding that the taxi meter is turned on as soon as they start their journey. Consumers should not be shy or feel it’s rude to make that request to the taxi driver. Consumers using taxi’s without taxi meter have been paying more for the destination which is unfair and unjust.

If the taxi driver refuses to turn on the taxi meter or refuses to take the passenger to his/her destination, then consumers should exercise their right by reporting the matter to LTA or to the Consumer Council of Fiji.

To lodge your complaint effectively it’s important that consumers note the taxi number or company name to report their grievances to LTA.

LTA has clearly stated that those drivers/owners who refuse to provide service or refuse to turn on the taxi meters will lead to disqualification of taxi permit. As consumers you must exercise this responsibility to put an end to this abuse which has been going for years.   LTA’s directive will be meaningless if consumers are not active on the ground or simply accept current practices in the taxi business with the view “that nothing can be done”.

It is a fact that taxi operators have been unscrupulously making money without meters because the metering system will decrease the fares to the rates regulated by LTA.

Noted, in a statement from LTA, taxi operators/ drivers in Nadi are refusing to use taxi meters claiming it a directive from LTA.  

The Council is urging the taxi operators/drivers to adhere to the directive of the LTA whilst the consumers are urged to report to LTA if the taxi operators/drivers are not using the taxi meters.