Air Fiji Fails to Provide Redress to Consumers

28/07/2009 15:21

The Consumer Council is pleased that Air Fiji paid the money due to its workers after a long wait. One weeks pay paid by the Air Fiji must have brought some relief to the ex-staff of Air Fiji who are facing hardship being unemployed at a time like this.  The staff received a weeks pay out of the two that they actually worked for but were not paid. 

Nonetheless, the Consumer Council of Fiji is concerned for those customers of Air Fiji who bought air tickets for their travel from Air Fiji but the Airline did not provide service because it ceased its operation in Fiji. Since Air Fiji terminated its service, a total of six (6) complaints have been registered against the company at the Council with a monetary value amounting to $3651.90.  The company took the money, issued the ticket but no service was provided to the ticket holders. Consumers can no longer wait patiently for their hard earned money to be refunded by Air Fiji? 

These customers have the right to receive a full refund, but the airline company is silent on this. The council is calling on the Airlines shareholders and management to refund their customers immediately. Ethically Air Fiji should refund each customer immediately because these customers believed in Air Fiji for its service despite Council’s warning. We urge Air Fiji to do the right thing.

Meanwhile, the Council reiterates its earlier call for the airline regulator, to be more vigilant as the number of complaints against Pacific Sun is increasing which is related to cancelled or delayed flights. Consumers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the airline for not informing passengers on the delays and cancellation in a timely manner. It seems that the Pacific Sun is taking advantage being a monopoly player.