Press Releases 2008

20/01/2008 15:34:05 Purchase food and meat with care

The Consumer Council of Fiji is issuing a strong advice warning to consumers to be vigilant and purchase food items, particularly meat, with care. The advice comes following past experiences of post cyclone clean-up by some supermarkets where unscrupulously attempt to rid products that are salvaged from flood waters by putting them on sale to consumers. Consumers are advised to refrain from purchasing these products as there may be a fear of possible contamination with other products such as cleaning agents like janola and soap powder.

08/01/2008 10:32:29 Keep the Senior Citizens informed on bus fare discounts: Council

The Consumer Council of Fiji is concerned at the number of complaints made by elderly members of the community who received senior citizen’s identification card from LTA and vouchers which entitles them to a 50 per cent rebate when they travel by bus to their desired destinations.

03/01/2008 16:26:20 Spiraling fuel price causes confusion

The Consumer Council of Fiji is concerned at the misunderstanding caused by the announcement made by the Prices and Incomes Board on the increase in petroleum prices. The Prices and Incomes Board has clearly advised retailers especially service station operators that this increase will only come into effect once new stock is purchased.