Complaints against Fiji TV pour in

02/05/2008 15:55

Fiji TV consumers, particularly in the Northern areas in Taveuni and Labasa are venting their frustration about poor quality and disrupted services. They are increasingly contacting the Council to voice their frustration and disappointment, mostly over telephone. These consumers want Fiji TV to stop depriving them of quality service on Fiji TV’s free to air Fiji One channel. The Fiji TV continues to be the dominant player in an open market and it has now captured the South Pacific region.

The Council adds its voice to the frustrated consumers because despite having several meetings over the years with Fiji TV management to improve their product and customer services, there has been no encouraging change. Instead, it seems Fiji TV, despite making promises of urgent maintenance and repair works, is condoning the poor quality service and reception to convince consumers in the northern division to purchase the Sky Pacific product at the cost of $299.00.  Not only are consumers unhappy but the business houses that are paying to air their advertisements to consumers, including those residing in the north, are also losing viewers.

Fiji TV is really testing the patience of consumers regarding its substandard services. On the one hand, paid consumers are complaining about repeated programmes, old movies, poor reception, abrupt ending of programmes that are not giving them value for their money, while on the other, consumers of the free channel are complaining of poor reception. The common denominator is that Fiji TV consumers, paid or free, are complaining about its services. Is anyone at Fiji TV heeding their complaints and concerns in the name of improving customer service and providing them satisfaction?

Meanwhile, the Council sees the intervention of the State to introduce Fiji Broadcasts Standard Authority that can handle all types of complaints in a fair manner and take such service providers to task who disregard customer complaints.