Press Releases 2007

25/09/2009 15:45:01 Fast food outlets still marketing foods high in fat, sugar, salt to children: survey

The latest international survey in which the Consumer Council of Fiji participated shows how the world’s three leading fast food outlets are still marketing meals with high levels of fat, sugar and salt to children.

05/08/2009 14:58:10 Consumers suffering from international call war

The Consumer Council is calling on Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL) and Fiji International Telecommunications Limited (FINTEL) to resolve the issue over international access calls as it’s the consumers who are being affected directly by these two companies.

27/12/2007 12:04:26 The Air Pacific Board must intervene: Council

Contrary to the view held by some critics, the Consumer Council of Fiji firmly believes that the Air Pacific Board must intervene to stop pathetic service provided by the Air Pacific. It is high time the Board must assess the situation and give guidance to the management team to curb disruptions because such disruptions are affecting our economy. This is a money making period for exporters and importers and most importantly the tourism industry.

20/12/2007 15:35:00 It will take a pressure cooker to soften meat sold by traders

The Consumer Council of Fiji is concerned that the exorbitant prices consumers pay for meat is not reflective of the quality of meat purchased. The Council, being conscious of the high meat consumption during the festive season has concentrated its efforts in surveying the marketplace to check on the quality of meat sold to consumers and the prices charged. The surveillance, which was conducted in conjunction with the Prices and Incomes Board, has revealed disappointing information on the quality of meat sold in Fiji’s marketplace.

21/11/2007 15:23:58 Meat – a health and monetary hazard to consumers

The Consumer Council of Fiji is concerned at the exorbitant prices consumers have to pay when purchasing meat especially overseas lamb from certain supermarkets and shops. A market surveillance survey conducted by the Council’s research section revealed that importers and distributors of meat, particularly lamb related products charge exorbitant prices to small shops and other retailing outlets which practically means that these importers and distributors are charging a higher mark up price percentage than that required by the Prices and Incomes Board (PIB).

15/11/2007 15:22:21 Increase in Flour Price

The Consumer Council of Fiji is alarmed at the announcement on the increase in the price of flour and sharp made by the Prices and Incomes Board. This is the fourth increase this year which means that consumers will have to fork out extra from their pockets to obtain such essential household goods as flour and sharp.

25/10/2007 11:27:46 Bus Fare Increase Allegation

The Consumer Council of Fiji in its response to Sefanaia Tuivaga’s letter would like to say that the Council name is erroneously being used. The Council is in receipt of Tuivaga’s letter which alleges the Council has approved a fare increase for bus companies and has allowed Tacirua Bus Company to charge a different and much higher fare.

17/04/2007 11:34:28 Council applauds LTA move

The Consumer Council of Fiji applauds the move by LTA to design bus information which would include bus routes and route number, stage location, fare schedule, bus operator etc. The bus commuters would greatly benefit with the provision of these information, which undoubtedly needed to be addressed.

27/02/2007 14:56:56 Exclusive licence was taxpayers’ generosity

The interim administration is finally taking the bull by its horn by deciding to deregulate the telecommunications industry. However, the ATHL monopolies are not making the decision an easy one with their major compensation claims for the loss of exclusivity rights. With deregulation will come competition, which would lead to possible reductions in international and local communication charges, wider consumer choices, product innovation and increased number of consumers using the communications services, be it mobile, Internet or land-based network.

26/01/2007 14:46:29 Council warns consumers on Premier Rechargeable Emergency Lamp

The Consumer Council of Fiji is gravely concerned about the quality and safety standards of some of the electrical products sold in the country. The concern comes as one consumer who bought the Premier rechargeable emergency lamp nearly had her house burnt down due to the melting inwards of the product. The rechargeable lamp provides no information at all to consumers such as on the country or place of manufacture, no warranties or guarantees and no installation instructions.