Wake-up, Sky Pacific!

16/08/2016 14:33

The Sky Pacific subscribers are still missing out on their favourite television programs daily with no improvement in the basic service provided to them by the pay-television company.

This is a major blow to all entertainment-lovers who are paying increased monthly subscription to watch their favourite channels. Consumers are getting ‘scrambled channels’ and unorganized program menu to name a few. For instance, as advertised by Sky Pacific on their facebook page this morning, they were to screen an English Premier League Match (Chelsea vs West Ham) but a replay of Arsenal vs Liverpool was shown instead. We cannot deny the fact that many viewers would have prepared themselves to watch the Chelsea vs West Ham Match only to find that they would be watching a replay of another Match.

This is unacceptable, as consumers have signed up with Sky Pacific for entertainment which is not free.

More frustrated subscribers continue to knock the doors of the Consumer Council of Fiji, expressing their disgust over the manner in which Sky Pacific is showing the programs. The viewers are in dark as they have no idea what programs will play at what time. There is so much confusion in the absence of a proper program guide.

These subscribers are now unable to follow their favorite shows as these shows don’t play at the set time. To gain access to Sky Pacific programs, it does not come cheap and therefore consumers expect to receive nothing short of quality entertainment, which is worth their money.

Sky Pacific needs to understand that by adding new channels to its current channel line-up does not justify an increase in subscription (from $46.45 to $49.95). What is the point of having new channels when the subscribers cannot view them simply because EPG is not providing program schedule?

The question is how much longer will it take Digicel to improve their basic service?

Time is ticking. So far, there is no word and show of commitment from Sky Pacific to inform the public. Such blatant disregard to consumer concerns is unacceptable.