Stop blaming shortage for increasing vegetables prices!

14/04/2016 08:48

The Consumer Council of Fiji is questioning the market vendors and roadside vendors over the sudden increase in price of fresh vegetables in the Suva-Nausori corridor, Navua-Sigatoka and Labasa.

 The Council conducted market surveillance in these areas which showed that the prices of fresh produce have increased by three times. While price of produce increased steeply but the quantity was also reduced by the vendors. Long bean are now sold for $5 to $7 a bundle, okra at $3 to $4 a plate, and eggplant selling at $3 a plate. A check at Nausori market also shows a sharp increase in the prices of the vegetable and fresh fruits.  At Labasa market, pumpkin is selling at $5 a piece, orkra is selling for $ 2 with reduced quantity while long bean is going for $3.50 a bundle.

 The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation News  also reported (8 March 2016) Chinese cabbage being sold at $15 a bundle in Suva and the vendors’ excuse was that there is an acute shortage of the supply due to the cyclone.

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