Stakeholders to Discuss Insurance

09/08/2016 15:08

The Consumer Council of Fiji will host a stakeholders’ seminar on ‘Property Insurance’ on Thursday, 11 August 2016, beginning at 9.30 am at Novotel Hotel in Lami. 

The seminar will focus on products, policies, regulations and consumer concerns related to property insurance in Fiji. It is aimed at bringing all key-players of the country’s insurance industry under one roof for a robust discussion to find a way-forward to create an inclusive insurance market which can be accessible to the low-income earners in the country. There is a growing need to design insurance products that meet the needs of currently excluded group for better risk protection. 

The Council believes that insurance is crucial in a modern and a progressive society like ours but unfortunately, not all consumers, particularly, those in the lower economic strata are benefitting. 

The Chief Guest at the seminar will be Attorney-General and Minister for Economy, Hon. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. A special guest at the event will be the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Alan Kirkland of CHOICE- Australia’s leading consumer organization. He will speak on reforms in the Australian insurance sector. Other speakers include representatives from the Insurance Council of Fiji, Fiji Institution of Engineers, South Pacific Engineer’s Association, Fiji Architects Association, and Reserve Bank of Fiji as the regulator of the country’s insurance industry. Also, the Fiji National Provident Fund and Housing Authority of Fiji will speak at the seminar being the biggest buyer and negotiator of property insurance in Fiji. 

Other points which will be discussed during the seminar will be related to transparency in the insurance sector including education and awareness programs on insurance.