Press Releases 2016

18/01/2016 13:18:36 New VAT rate applies to State and Municipal fees/charges

All Government fees and charges that included VAT must be adjusted in line with the new VAT rate.

18/01/2016 13:14:15 Mobile Operators Playing up with VAT

The Consumer Council of Fiji is appalled that Vodafone Fiji Limited (Vodafone) and Vodafone Reseller - Inkk Mobile Fiji have not reduced the prices of recharge cards, daily and weekly SMS Pass and internet daily, weekly and monthly data pass to reflect the reduction of VAT from 15% to 9%. The VIP prices for these products still remain the same when compared to last year.

11/01/2016 09:36:55 Price of Cigarettes

The Consumer Council of Fiji advises all smoke-lovers not to expect any further reduction in the price of cigarettes as the present retail price is inclusive of revised VAT rate.

07/01/2016 16:29:54 Price increases by Restaurants, Bistros and Coffee Shops

The Consumer Council of Fiji is informing consumers that they should expect price increases for food and beverages in Service Turnover Tax (STT) registered restaurants, bistros and coffee shops.

05/01/2016 11:19:31 Bread Prices Still Not Reduced

The Consumer Council of Fiji is expressing its concern that Hot Bread Kitchen has not adjusted price of bread, buns, cakes and pastries to reflect the VAT reduction which came into effect on 1 January 2016.

05/01/2016 11:17:50 Council calls for a drop in Taxi Fare

With the new 9 per cent VAT rate in effect, the Consumer Council of Fiji is calling for a drop in the taxi fare. This call is made after receiving concerns from the general public and some businesses that use taxi services that charge VAT.

05/01/2016 11:15:02 Reduce VAT or face the law, Traders told!

The Consumer Council of Fiji is issuing a stern warning to all traders and service providers who have failed to adjust the price of the goods/services to reflect the new VAT rate of 9 per cent which came into effect last Friday, 1 January 2016.

08/10/2014 15:04:39 Treat “extended warranty” with caution

Consumers should tread carefully when deciding to buy extended warranty on electronic goods, furniture and beddings.