New VAT rate applies to State and Municipal fees/charges

18/01/2016 13:18

All Government fees and charges that included VAT must be adjusted in line with the new VATrate.

The fees and charges cover a variety of services offered by the Government that includes immigration services; issuance of birth/marriage/death certificates; Register of Titles; police clearance charge; LTA fees/charges; public hospitals and public dispensaries fees and charges including dental-related fees; biosecurity fees and charges; Ports fees/charges; FRCA fees andcharges and many more.

The new VAT application also covers all rates/fees/charges paid to the Municipal Councils as well.

The Council is urging all Municipal Council Administrators to ensure necessary adjustments are made which is mandatory now.

Charges like garbage collection fee, town and city rates, fines, market stall rates, business license fee and any other fees and charges should be reduced by 6 per cent.

Consumers will appreciate if the revised rates are advertised in the newspapers for their information as it was done when VAT increased by 2.5% in 2011.

It must be noted that there is a penalty of $50,000 and upon conviction to a fine of up to $100,000 or 5-year imprisonment if the reduction in VAT is not passed to the Fijian consumers.

The Council telephone line has been busy with consumers questioning about the changes in the fees/charges imposed by the state and the Municipal Councils.

Consumers are advised to contact the Council if they find that the new VAT rate of 9% has notbeen implemented.