Improve Sky Pacific Services

25/07/2016 12:20

The Consumer Council of Fiji is disappointed that within three months of taking control of Sky Pacific, Digicel has increased the subscription from $46.45 to $49.95 on the grounds that “9 new premium channels” were introduced and the picture quality has improved. It is simply unjustified.

Consumers expect better picture quality and any increase in subscription cannot be based on picture quality because they are required to provide good quality picture all the time. Subscribers are still experiencing disruptions and outage. Also, Sky Pacific is misleading consumers by stating “9 new premium channels” were introduced. How can one classify TV WAN and TV WAN LIFE as premium channels? Moreover, some of these channels are just replacement channels after removal of Fiji One, Super Channel and Pacific Channel and not new channels as portrayed by Digicel. 

While the Council understands that Sky Pacific is re-organizing programmes/channels, the services should not be compromised as the subscribers are still paying their subscription in full and now required to pay more for services that requires much improvements.

In recent days, the Council has been inundated with concerns from discontented Sky Pacific subscribers who did not see any improvement in the ‘quality’ of service except changes made to channels.

Some subscribers are crying foul over the poor signal, sound quality with blurry images. In some cases, the service has been disconnected despite accounts being in order. For instance, in Labasa, subscribers have been experiencing poor signal for some time now - as a result, they don’t get to view Sky Pacific programmes for days and weeks despite having paid for the service. Some are still waiting for their remote. This is unacceptable.

Other frustrating issues are the programmes shown on the Sky Pacific channels do not match their programme guide. Consumers cannot use Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to select the programs they wish to view. The Council wants to know why such basic improvements have not been made.  It is not about number of channels but it is about the quality of service.

Timing of some of the television shows are not shown at prime time in Fiji - for example, Hindi programs. Why is this not being improved?

The most common complaint received is regarding poor customer care services. When the subscribers call Sky Pacific office to lodge a complaint or raise an issue, they have to wait for very long time. Sometimes no one is available to take their calls.  

The frustrated subscribers want the new owners of Sky Pacific to take immediate action to improve their services rather than introducing a few new channels to fool the public that the Sky Pacific has improved.

The Council is hopeful that the Sky Pacific management will treat these consumer concerns with seriousness and act on them with urgency and not just think of raking more money from consumers with their poor customer services, poor picture quality, unsynchronized program guide with what appears on TV and the timing of the program to suite Fiji prime time. Digicel should stop using introduction or replacement of new channels as improvement of services.