Don’t Hire ‘Melbourne Building Works’!

05/08/2016 12:15

The Consumer Council of Fiji is warning Fijians against hiring the services of Melbourne Building Works, which provides construction services, kitchen remodeling and office upgrade. A number of consumers have suffered financial loss at the hands of this dubious company, which accepted money from them but failed to deliver services.

Melbourne Building Works abandoned these aggrieved consumers after taking money for jobs ranging from building and repairing of houses to kitchen remodeling. To date, the Council has received 16 complaints with a monetary value of FJD$76,899.

One complainant made a payment of $25,240 to the company on the 11 and 14 November 2014. The joinery and tiling works were supposed to be completed by Christmas 2014 as he was advised by the company.  However, the company did not honour the obligation as a service provider and the work was not finished. The tiling works remain pending together with an unfinished sink cabinet till today. 

Another complainant made payments to the company on the 11 and 21 December 2014 totaling to $11,074. The works were to be completed by 30 December 2014 as agreed. The company worked on a piece meal basis and yet they failed to meet the deadline. The company then agreed to provide a refund but only ended up providing partial refund to the complainant from 2014.

A third complaint was lodged by a complainant who paid $700 for minor carpentry works and the replacement of a door in March 2015. The carpentry works were completed but the company has failed to provide the replacement door, to date.

The Council is gravely concerned over the unethical business practice by this company and is urging consumers to refrain from hiring their services. Our investigations confirm that this company is in breach of the Commerce Commission Decree 2010 – (Section 88(1) (b) and Section 88(2).

Section 88(1) states that A person shall not, in trade or commerce, accept payment or other consideration for goods or services where, at the time of the acceptance – (b) there are reasonable grounds, of which the person is aware, or ought reasonably to be aware, for believing that the person will not be able to supply the goods or services within the period specified by the person or, if no period is specified, within a reasonable time. 

Section 88(2) states A person who contravenes this section shall be guilty of an offence.

The conduct of this company is worrying as more consumers may be affected by their dealings but are reluctant to come forward with their complaints. As such, consumers who are going through similar situation with Melbourne Building Works are urged to lodge their complaints with the Council to make this company accountable for all their unscrupulous business dealings.