Council Warns of Counterfeit Cosmetics

15/07/2016 12:45

The Consumer Council of Fiji is urging consumers to be cautious when purchasing cosmetics from retail outlets or online as some traders are selling counterfeit make-up products.

The dangers of purchasing counterfeit beauty products such as eyeliners, mascaras, lip glosses, foundations, powders etc are laced with substandard and harmful ingredients which can pose health risks such as allergic reactions, skin rashes and chemical burns.

The Council’s call comes following confirmation that a boutique namely, Tulips Beauty & Fashion, (located at Victoria Parade, Suva) was found selling counterfeit MAC products. The company is also trading through Facebook

MAC is a world-popular brand which comes at a high price. A Fijian consumer lodged a complaint with the Council raising concern and claiming that MAC makeup products sold by this boutique could be counterfeit.

An investigation was conducted by the Council and it was established that the boutique was buying the product from Hong Kong not knowing that the products were counterfeit. The purchasing documents clearly show that a “Zhang Song You” received money sent by the boutique.

According to the company's solicitors, Saumatua Bale & Faktaufon, Tulips Beauty & Fashion acquires its MAC cosmetics online from MAC Cosmetics Wholesale via website

However, according to MAC Cosmetics, Corporate Communications Director, Asia Pacific, Fiona Morgan, they purchased MAC products from Tulips Beauty & Fashion. Upon examination, it was confirmed that the products were ‘counterfeit’.

“We have conducted a thorough assessment of this situation. We can confirm that  and Tulips Beauty & Fashion are not official retailers of MAC Cosmetics,” Fiona Morgan states in a letter to the Council.  is no longer operating. Our advice to consumers is to ensure that the products they buy are authentic and safe.”

MAC Cosmetics are advising consumers to purchase from their authorized online or in-store retailers or directly from MAC’s websites and freestanding stores.  Lists of authorized retailers can be found on MAC’s website,

All retail outlets selling cheap makeup products should ensure that consumer safety is not compromised. Retailers should disclose to the consumers, the authenticity, origin and ingredients of the product. This can help consumers make wise decision.

Consumers should also be vigilant when purchasing expensive makeup brands at unrealistic cheap prices. Always look for distinguishing features that authenticates the product. Counterfeit products will often have uneven fonts, misspelled words, inconsistent patterns, and incorrect shade names printed on the label and leaflets. Cross-check the product with the one on the brand's official website.

At the end of the day, consumers should not hesitate to pay extra dollars on genuine cosmetics given the hazardous effects fake cosmetics can have on the users.