Enjoy Suva-on-Sale with Caution

07/06/2016 16:03

With the massive sale underway in the national capital, Suva, the Consumer Council of Fiji is advising consumers to be cautious when buying goods during the sale.

Consumers are encouraged to make the most out of the Suva-on-Sale specials and discounts but with caution.

The Council’s advice comes in light of some consumers expressing concern over the ‘quality’ of goods being sold during the sale, some of which are faulty, outdated and damaged. Some traders often use such sale to dispose their old stock, hence consumers need to exercise responsibility by thoroughly inspecting the items before buying them.

Traders are also under the obligation to provide receipts, warranty, after sales service and provisions to repair, replace or refund if the products are defective. Traders should not deny consumers their right to redress even if they buy items on sale.

Consumers must demand for receipts which comes handy when pursuing redress. Not issuing receipts/invoices is an offence under Section 55 of Commerce Commission Decree 2010 and those in breach could face spot-fines. 

Consumers should also test the items, especially electronic gadgets or toys before purchasing. In the past, cases have surfaced where consumers paid a bargain price for toys and gadgets but the items were faulty and unusable. They must also look out for expiry dates before buying food items as there is no point in stocking food which is on the verge of expiry.

With a range of goods on sale, consumers must think smart and act prudently