Don’t Disclose Your Email Password to FEA

12/08/2016 15:18

The Consumer Council of Fiji is advising all Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA) customers not to disclose their email password when filling the information slip which has been sent out with their latest FEA bill.  

It is understood that FEA is collecting information about its meter holders by collecting information on account name/number/phone contact/postal and residential address and email address.

The Council is particularly concerned with the manner the form is designed which can be misinterpreted by consumers. This confusion can occur simply because the email address and password requirement field are aligned next to each other in the form (see below) where consumers can end up providing their email address with the password.










This could pose cyber security risks as the consumers may unknowingly give their password with their email address. Will FEA take responsibility for identity theft/fraud? 

 FEA should redesign their form to better protect consumers’ information. Also, there is no guidance given to consumers on the length of the password and whether letters or numbers are required.

Consumers are once again advised not to reveal their personal details such as passwords, pin numbers, bank account numbers to anyone.