Press Releases 2016

29/12/2016 15:09:33 ATM Woes

There’s nothing more frustrating than using an ATM and being faced with a situation where cash is not dispensed or, your card is retained by the ATM.

29/12/2016 10:40:42 Consumers Must Borrow Wisely

The Consumer Council of Fiji is advising consumers who intend to take personal unsecured loans from banks to be aware of the different fees and charges that can result in expensive loans.

29/12/2016 10:38:40 Introduction of New Money Link Fee

Ownership of Money Link cards entails some loyalty to Carpenters Finance, on the part of those who use them.

29/12/2016 10:31:51 Do not buy Putrefied or Damaged Food

As the nation comes to term with the aftermath of Tropical Depression TD04F, the Consumer Council of Fiji is urging traders to exercise a sense of responsibility by refraining from selling food and other perishable items which have gone bad due to the recent floods experienced by certain parts of the country.

06/12/2016 13:30:43 Third Party Insurance in Fiji – Who Pays, Who Profits and Who Loses?

Third Party Insurance is of vital importance since it impacts victims of motor vehicle accidents when they do occur. Third party law is based on a very clear understanding which is, to protect third party victims in a motor vehicle accident.

05/12/2016 18:06:51 Emobile Tracker: Don’t Give Your Identity Away

Consumers are advised to be cautious when giving personal information such as mobile numbers online.

25/11/2016 15:45:33 Lack of Proper Regulation by Land Transport Authority

The Council has received complaints and concerns from consumers regarding the irregular and unreliable bus services provided by Central Transport Company Ltd servicing Toorak (Route 15A).

21/11/2016 10:26:45 Fix Your Faulty Billing System

Sky Pacific should upgrade and streamline its billing system by introducing “buffer period”.

28/10/2016 11:47:34 Recall Order for “Table Hen Chicken”

The Consumer Council of Fiji welcomes the recall of “Table Hen Chicken” from the local market.

26/10/2016 15:14:05 Insurance Industry Reform Needed to Safeguard Consumers

With the country’s leading insurance companies committing to make insurance accessible and affordable for Fijian rural dwellers and low income earners, the Consumer Council of Fiji is calling for a ‘pragmatic approach’ to reform the industry.

24/10/2016 13:28:22 Warning against Melbourne Building Works

Fresh alert is issued to all consumers against Melbourne Building Works (MBW), now operating under a new name, Melbourne Works Limited (MWL). MWL is in the business of providing construction services, kitchen remodeling and office upgrade works.

18/10/2016 11:02:57 Awareness for Farmers on Pesticides

The Consumer Council of Fiji will be engaging with the farmers and consumers this month to raise awareness on the harmful impacts of agricultural pesticides used in our food production. Community workshops are planned for Nausori, Lautoka and Seaqaqa in the Northern division to discuss this crucial subject.

14/10/2016 14:20:18 Jewellery Stores’ weighing machines, questionable!

The Consumer Council of Fiji is calling on all jewellery stores retailing gold or any other precious metals to be more transparent and responsible while doing business.

13/10/2016 13:11:12 Recall of Toyota Prius 2016/2017 Models

Fijian consumers who have purchased the 2016/2017 models of Toyota Prius Sedan should contact the traders they bought the vehicle from following a global recall launched by Toyota.

07/10/2016 13:04:26 Council backs change in ICF leadership

The Consumer Council of Fiji embraces the positive stance taken by the Insurance Council of Fiji (ICF) under its new leadership which could see more ordinary Fijians investing in insurance covers to protect their loved ones and their belongings against unforeseen circumstances.

29/09/2016 12:21:44 Fiji Airways and AFL need to Step-up

There should be ‘better coordination’ between Fiji Airways and Airports Fiji Limited (AFL) to deal with flight disruptions/cancellations at our international airports.

23/09/2016 12:31:55 Caution on ‘Alternative Medicine – by M & J Lifestyle Therapy

Consumers should avoid spending money on unsubstantiated medicinal products with claims of ‘therapeutic benefit’, which are being sold in our marketplace.

21/09/2016 10:28:21 INKK Mobile’s Prepay Roaming Rates is a much cheaper option for Fijians!

It is again good news for the Fijian consumers travelling abroad with another Mobile company, Inkk Mobile, announcing its new roaming charges covering 24 countries for prepay customers.

01/09/2016 12:52:51 Court Ruling on VAT - Victory for Consumers

The recent landmark Ruling by the High Court of Fiji over the non-compliance of VAT reduction by Data Bureau sets a precedent and acts as a ‘warning’ to traders and service providers that continue to profiteer by charging incorrect VAT rate to consumers.

26/08/2016 12:32:53 Digicel’s Roaming Rates – A Sigh of Relief for Travelers

Consumers travelling to seven destinations can now talk to their loved ones without any hassle of changing sim cards or worrying about hefty bills to clear after their holiday. Now, with Digicel’s roaming charges – high roaming bills would be a thing of the past.

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